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Tattoos? What and Why?

Tattoos in the kink community, specifically the pup community, is getting to be more and more exquisite for the taste of the general public. A lot of pups get tattoos, because they like the uniqueness and the meaning behind them. Some pups get a tattoo just to fit in and want that sense of belonging to something bigger. Some honestly just get them, because they look cool. But what and why would you get a tattoo? Would it be something pup related or would it be something to do with the ‘muggle’ world? Tattoos, why do people get them?...

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The lack of Education, Guidance and Leadership

The pup community exploded in growth in the last decade and left the community in a lack of education, guidance and leadership. This growth left a lot of pups and community members scratching their heads trying to figure out what sort of social structure the community has and could potential have. Education is limited to the age group of the community due to the inability of the younger generations not being able to attend 21+ events. Guidance is limited due to the lack of education not being established. Leadership is lacked due to the inability to educate and guide...

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A Different Perspective of IPAHW

  The 2nd full weekend of July in 2017 represented IPAHW within the kink community. IPAHW is International Puppy and Handler Weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. My perspective was through the eyes of a judge and thus can be a little different than the generic attendee of the weekend activities. Upon arrival for the contest part of the event, I noticed a lot of people were using the mobile app ‘Telegram’ to share information about the events throughout the weekend and used communication via word of mouth to help share information. This was very interesting as most contests will...

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Event Drop as a Pup

Everyone knows that event drop is one of the worst feelings on earth. Especially if you are new to the community and feel amazing with being your 100% true self as a pup. But, how do you get through it? Are there things you can do to make it easier on yourself? Are there things you can do to make it easier for someone else? How can you get through it when you feel so helpless? The answer to these questions is very simple…communication. Event drop is the worst feelings when leaving an event and can typically start as...

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When is it the Right Time?

When is it the right time to accept a collar or a lock from a sir/handler? This is something that has a lot of conflicting issues and uneducated perspectives. What does the collar/lock mean and why does it have such an important role in the relationship between a sir/handler? There is no correct or precise time to accept a collar. However, it is all up to the pup that is going to be accepting the collar/lock. Many individuals in the pup community need to feel part of something bigger and better by being collared or locked. Individuality is something...

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