Tattoos? What and Why?

Tattoos? What and Why?

July 28, 2017 Off By Alpha Dog Chomper

Tattoos in the kink community, specifically the pup community, is getting to be more and more exquisite for the taste of the general public. A lot of pups get tattoos, because they like the uniqueness and the meaning behind them. Some pups get a tattoo just to fit in and want that sense of belonging to something bigger. Some honestly just get them, because they look cool. But what and why would you get a tattoo? Would it be something pup related or would it be something to do with the ‘muggle’ world?

Tattoos, why do people get them? There is not a real answer to this, but it truly depends on the person who is getting the tattoo. In the ‘muggle’ world, people typically get a tattoo to represent a part of them that they will never be without or something that represents themselves. In the kink community, you will find the same thing, but enhanced to a whole new level. The kink community can be found with explicit tattoos, tattoos that are artistic in nature and even abstract tattoos that seem to not have any sort of specific ideology. In the pup community, these same differences can be found. They are all very similar in nature and there doesn’t seem to be anything within the different communities that can truly separate another based off of why and what.

Pups with tattoos get tattoos to show individuality and of something that has meaning to them, but also get tattoos to help them fit in and feel some sort of comfort of being part of something bigger. There is no wrong answer to get a tattoo, just remember it will be permanent and hurt badly to get it removed. Tattoos can have a ton of different meanings to the pup that gets the work done. It can be something they have personally accomplished in life; it can be something that they went through or something just to show their pup side in general. There is no right way to get a tattoo, just make it unique to you.

There is nothing wrong with getting a tattoo to fit in and there is nothing wrong with wanting to jump on the band wagon. Just remember, that tattoo will be on you permanently so just make sure this is something that you truly want or need. As for hopping on the band wagon, there is nothing wrong with wanting to be part of something larger and feeling like belonging. We all have wanted that at some point in our life and need to be accepted for feeling different.

The tattoo that you obtain doesn’t have to be pup related, it can be a tattoo that represents something you like about in life other than kink. The tattoo is yours, you have to live with it, it will be on you forever and you have every right to get what you want. If someone doesn’t like it, that is their own opinion, but what you do to your body is completely up to you and your call.

Overall, there is not a set of guidelines as to why you should get a tattoo. There isn’t even a set of guidelines as to why you get a specific tattoo and where to get it. You get to choose what you want, you get to choose what to get and where to get it. There is nothing and no one that should tell you otherwise. Be yourself and have fun doing it and don’t let someone tell you that you are doing it wrong. This is called individuality, learn it, speak it and grow with it.

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