Pup play (or Puppy Play) is when one person takes on the role of a pup or handler. The pup acts like their canine counterpart and the trainer, for the most part, handles the pup like he would a biological puppy. For many it serves as a release of the primal animal part of them. It is not bestiality: real animals are not involved.

Welcome to the “Go-To website” for all things pup play and pet players. From the basics for newcomers to advice and opinions to inspire those with serious ambition. This is not meant to be taken literally or as a rule-book. This is designed to inspire people to be the pups and pets they want to become and find resources to help them reach where they want to go in the scene.

About Nerdy Doggo

Nerdy Doggo is a non-profit community promoting safe and fun play in the fetish community. All donations raised helps keeps the lights on here and any excess is donated to support the extended pup community.

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  • Pup Play 101 – New and improved 2.0 guide for newcomers to puppy play and Pup-curious folk wanting to learn more.

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