The lack of Education, Guidance and Leadership

The lack of Education, Guidance and Leadership

July 25, 2017 Off By Alpha Dog Chomper

The pup community exploded in growth in the last decade and left the community in a lack of education, guidance and leadership. This growth left a lot of pups and community members scratching their heads trying to figure out what sort of social structure the community has and could potential have. Education is limited to the age group of the community due to the inability of the younger generations not being able to attend 21+ events. Guidance is limited due to the lack of education not being established. Leadership is lacked due to the inability to educate and guide young pups and help train them and assimilate them into social structure of the community.

Before we begin going over this topic, we need to understand that there is no right or wrong way to be a pup. There is no set of rules or guidelines that have been established to say what is right and what is wrong, that is the beauty of being a pup in the community. Pup play is an ideology of being able to let go from the responsibilities of a human and being able to rely solely on the principles of primal instinct. Playing, cuddling, biting, tackling, fetching, following generic commands; these types of things are what pups can do and are most known to do. Anyone can be a pup no matter orientation, race, religion, etc. and there is no set of established rules that say that can and cannot be a pup.

Education within the community becomes crucial at the early stages of identifying as a pup. The education that is lacked within the community is the principles of a pack, handler/trainer/sir, alpha/beta/omega, what being a pup means to you, respect, consent, leather pups, rubber pups, differences between views of society, safe play, collaring and what that means to both parties involved, and anything else that may have been missed. Education is vital in the early stages of a pup’s assimilation to the kink community in that this education will help the pup understand the different dynamics of the community and be able to show respect to different members of the community from an earlier opportunity. This education will allow the pup to be able to find themselves within the community easier and be able to understand many major life events of a pup and what it means to them (.i.e. knowing what collaring means and what it means to the pup).

Guidance within the community carries off the concept of proper education to the pups within the community. Without the proper education, there is a lacked ability to guide pups and help solidify themselves as a pup and be able to show guidance for other pups in the community. Guidance is one of the most important and lacked parts within the community today. There are so many pups that lack guidance and continue to causes issues at different events and use the excuse that they are a pup so they can make themselves look like a fool in front of other members of the community. This lack of guidance is what can cause other members of the kink community to view the pup community as a group of individuals who lack common decency. Guidance can turn a pup into an educated pup and be able to learn to respect different members of the community and truly make a difference in another pup’s life. Without Guidance, we will not have the social structure we could have for potential future pups and be able to grow the pup community in a healthier way.

Leadership within the community is the last step for a pup if they truly want to take it to that next level. Pups within the community who have established education and guidance for other pups can and should take it to the next level, leadership. Pups that are able to provide leadership can become role models for other pups and be able to help establish a more concrete social foundation. This foundation will only be able to help future pups out in finding where they fit in and how they can fit in better. Remember, we are not teaching pups how to be a pup, but simply helping them find who they are and helping them feel more comfortable about themselves while educating them about the pup community and its relationships that are involved within.

Education, guidance and leadership all are steps of growth within a pups development and integration into the kink community. Each one leads to the next and there is no way to skip to the next without first going through them one at a time. Education leads to the ability to give guidance and guidance gives the ability to provide leadership. You do not have to become a leader within the community, you do not even have to provide guidance if you want, but education is something that needs to be done in order to become a well assimilated pup into the kink community. Growing is important within the kink community; it gives you the ability to learn respect for those that are different from you.

Overall, there is no way to explain how important it is that as a kink community, the necessity of education, guidance and leadership are imperative to the growth of this community. Understand of diversity by respecting differences, excelling knowledge by education and guidance and providing mentorship through leadership are key in the growth and development of a pup. Again, this is not to tell a pup how to live their life as a pup, but a way to understand, learn and respect another within the community. The pup community grew too fast and lacked the education, guidance and leadership that is needed. If the community continues to move forward at the rate it’s currently moving, there will be more issues such as a stranger collaring a pup, disrespect to other community members and possibly social dysfunction within the community itself. Take the next step and create a movement by being the educators, by being the guidance to someone new and by being a leader that we need.


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