A Different Perspective of IPAHW

A Different Perspective of IPAHW

July 14, 2017 Off By Alpha Dog Chomper


The 2nd full weekend of July in 2017 represented IPAHW within the kink community. IPAHW is International Puppy and Handler Weekend in St. Louis, Missouri. My perspective was through the eyes of a judge and thus can be a little different than the generic attendee of the weekend activities.

Upon arrival for the contest part of the event, I noticed a lot of people were using the mobile app ‘Telegram’ to share information about the events throughout the weekend and used communication via word of mouth to help share information. This was very interesting as most contests will have some sort of board that will have it posted in halls of a hotel or some other sort of area. I was delighted to see how well that information was shared from person to person. The registration table was easy to find on the 2nd floor and it was very easy to get information when I needed it. I was so comfortable with the location of the events and I was happy that everything was held mostly in one location except for the main part of the contest. I’d have to say when I needed information about anything; I just went to telegram to get information from other pups and to figure out where everyone was at.

In comparison to other contests, I thought that pups at this event were much more behaved than any other event that I have been to this year. I was extremely impressed with how professional people treated another and how well people were getting along with another. It was very nice to come home from an event weekend where people did not want to criticize and hurt another about what was said behind someone’s back or some sort of non-consensual advance on someone.

The energy within the event was intoxicating, pups were howling and sniffing another and being playful and acting like true pups. Everyone was feeding off another’s energy and it was so refreshing to see a community come together more respectfully instead of always at another’s throats. There was some slight drama, but you are going to have that at almost every event. However, it was extremely minimal from what I had seen at this event.

Overall, IPAHW was an amazing weekend and I had an absolute blast. I met so many amazing pups and heard more amazing stories and was able to share amazing experiences with them as well. I can’t wait to go back next year!!!