Pup Profiles vs Professional Profiles on Social Media

Pup Profiles vs Professional Profiles on Social Media

June 12, 2017 Off By Alpha Dog Chomper

Social media has been a very common ground to live a life of division within the pup community. A lot of pups within the community have their lives divided on social media from their true ‘muggle’ persona. Is this a common norm? Is this something frowned upon, to separate your true self from the rest of your biological family and conceal yourself? Why is it popular and why is this something that is continuing to grow within the community? Could there be legal actions from this? This article will go over all these questions and give other suggestions and different perspectives on these topics.

Having a pup profile on social media as well as a biological profile are very common norms. The separation of these two lives is used as a protection so that way people closest to yourself within the community do not see you as too different from general society. In reality, pups are very different from general society. Having this protection/veil on your persona is a comfort and peace of mind knowing that you can separate the two lives. We all can agree and wish we could have them put together, but professional life and pup life are mostly separated due to the appearance it can have on the professional life.

Separation of these two lives is not something that is frowned upon. Some people within the community may have issues with this, but this is your life and not theirs. Out of all people, this is your choice and this is something you need to be comfortable with as you discover more about your pup life. No one can tell you to keep both separated, that is ultimately your choice. Separating the lives can be rewarding in that you can feel more open about yourself on one social media account over the other. Again separating personas from personal account online is not frowned upon and is completely your choice.

The growing of separation from pup profiles from professional profiles is increasing heavily. Pups do not want to mix their true selves with their professional lives in that it could damage their professional image. This can explain the growth of pup profiles in social media with the need to separate professional life. You can see this same example for someone who is a drag queen or some other member within the LGBTQIA community. These examples exist outside of the community as well. You see it with members within law, finance, and even public service officials. Ultimately, separation is a protection for yourself whether you need it or not.

Legal actions could potentially be an issue with this separation. A while back, Facebook was having issues with people in the LGBTQIA community creating names for themselves on Facebook to hide their true selves and have a different name than that on the license/state id’s. This created an explosion of problems and controversy on social media ranging from protection of individual identity to destroying professional image and even issues with pedophiles. These legal issues are known and is something that social media sites risk every single day. However, if you are true with yourself and true with those around you, these issues are avoidable and not something to worry about.

Social media creates another way for us to act as ourselves in our pup life and is a great way to meet other pups. You can learn so many things about another and learn to bond before you even meet another pup in person. Separation of your professional profile from your pup profile is just another way for you to do this without fear of being persecuted for being your true 100% self. Be your true pup self and know that you won’t be shamed for feeling to be safe. Trot on loud and proud!