When is it the Right Time?

When is it the Right Time?

June 19, 2017 Off By Alpha Dog Chomper

When is it the right time to accept a collar or a lock from a sir/handler? This is something that has a lot of conflicting issues and uneducated perspectives. What does the collar/lock mean and why does it have such an important role in the relationship between a sir/handler?

There is no correct or precise time to accept a collar. However, it is all up to the pup that is going to be accepting the collar/lock. Many individuals in the pup community need to feel part of something bigger and better by being collared or locked. Individuality is something that needs to be kept in mind in regards to this. Remember who you are before you accept a collar/lock and remember what that means to you. You can be a stray/individual pup in a community and still be a contributing member of that community. Having a collar/lock does not make you any less or more important than any other pup in the community. Take your time when accepting a collar/lock and truly get to know the person who is going perform the mundane task of becoming your sir/handler or alpha/beta.


What does the collar/lock mean to anyone within the community? The collar/lock means a pup is subordinate to a sir, alpha, beta…etc. This simply means that his pup is going to be looked after by their superior and become responsibility to that said person. However, there is not a specific book or rule that says what the collar/lock actually means to someone. It is up to the relationship that exists between these two individuals that truly determines what that collar/lock represents to said relationship. Community members know that collars/locks have differences in meaning depending on the relationship. It is not wrong to ask about the collar and find more information about it. Most community members will have no problem talking to you about their collar/lock.


So, before you accept the collar/lock from a member within the pup community, think about why you want it and make sure you know the person. Get to know the person and find out who they are. You may realize after time when the proper moment is to accept the collar. There is no right or wrong answer as to when that is, but you as the pup are the one who is going to make the decision. The decision cannot be forced upon you and if the other person is forcing you to make a decision and you don’t know how to answer them, clearly you are not ready to accept the collar. Please just be careful out there pups and handlers and make sure it is something that you want. This bond that is represented by collars/locks is a beautiful relationship and one that will grow with you over time.


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