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Evolution of the Community

There is a lot that has been happening within the pup and handler community, a lot that really reflects on just how much it has grown in just a relatively short time. A number of recent discussions, some in which I was involved and others I merely observed readily prove that. Questions are being asked and answered, ideas discussed and traded. Arguments, constructive and otherwise, are happening as passion meets conflicting ideas and the drive to further assert identity is further fueled. At times it can seem almost too much at once to take in, even for those of...

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Public Play

Public Play or scening is a fairly popular past-time for members of the D/s or BDSM community. It is for many an opportunity to socialize with other members of the local community. A time to introduce a new submissive or Dominant to friends. A time to reveal or perform new or different techniques before an appreciative audience. There are a few things that a new Dominant or submissive should know prior to attending or scening at a public play party or event. Most BDSM communities have ‘suggested protocol’. These behavior suggestions vary from organization to organization in their finer...

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Coping With Release

Relationships end. Sometimes through the willful choice of both partners, other times one may ask for or be released. In either case the ending of a relationship is painful. In my opinion many D/s relationships tend to function in a deeper response zone in the psyche. I have been send numerable letters recently asking me about coping in the aftermath, both from Dominant’s and from submissives. What kind of aftercare should exist? What obligations continue even after the relationship has ended? Many people seem to believe that the Dominant side of the relationship ‘feels’ less than the submissive side....

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Risk Aware

The ‘idea’ of ‘risk aware’ has been around a long time. The problem being that most people are not really aware of the risks at all. There is an idea that informed decision making should exist, it should. However if you ask someone about say ‘breath play’ they will generally tell you that it can be done without grave risk to the submissive. The truth is that you couldn’t do ‘breath play’ inside a trauma room surrounded by emergency room doctors and ensure the life of the submissive. By the time the submissive is ‘visibly’ in trouble they are...

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Who Are We?

We call ourselves a community. Within that community we stand uneasily in the company of others of our kind. There is an awareness of presence, that within those we associate with something outside of what is considered normal exists. That abnormality has lain across our own shoulders for the entirety of our lives, reminding us that we have never quite fit into the acceptable patterns of society. It would be easy to call ourselves a community of outcasts, except this would be a mistake. While we are not wholly ‘like’ the majority of the society that surrounds us we...

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