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Risk Aware

The ‘idea’ of ‘risk aware’ has been around a long time. The problem being that most people are not really aware of the risks at all. There is an idea that informed decision making should exist, it should. However if you ask someone about say ‘breath play’ they will generally tell you that it can be done without grave risk to the submissive. The truth is that you couldn’t do ‘breath play’ inside a trauma room surrounded by emergency room doctors and ensure the life of the submissive. By the time the submissive is ‘visibly’ in trouble they are...

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Who Are We?

We call ourselves a community. Within that community we stand uneasily in the company of others of our kind. There is an awareness of presence, that within those we associate with something outside of what is considered normal exists. That abnormality has lain across our own shoulders for the entirety of our lives, reminding us that we have never quite fit into the acceptable patterns of society. It would be easy to call ourselves a community of outcasts, except this would be a mistake. While we are not wholly ‘like’ the majority of the society that surrounds us we...

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The quality or state of being Spiritual! It means so many different things to each of us that it is not possible to clearly state what it is. So, I will express this from my personal viewpoint. When I view myself as a whole being I consider myself to be 3 distinct parts. My physical body, My mind or intellect, and My Spiritual essence. To me each is a necessary component of my whole self. To be complete I feel I must neglect no side nor favor any part to the exclusion or minimization of the others. It is...

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Addressing Shaming

Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! I’m not directing this at anyone in particular but if you think I am, maybe there is some basis to it! Maybe you need to look at what you are doing to others and how you would react if it was done to you! Over the last several weeks, I have personally witnessed the following int he community – Body Shaming – I have seen this go both ways slim or fluffy – The ones doing it, I know have taken issues in the past with others doing it to them, yet they are quick...

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Tops Disease

Tops Disease is the corruption of power. Corruption is to degrade with unsound principles, to alter from the original or correct form or version, to become vicious, tainted, rotten. This often occurs with a parallel degradation of moral values, the impairment of personal integrity, the loss of virtue and moral principles. When a Dominant becomes corrupt their judgment is impaired. They tend to believe they are elevated in status and worth by virtue of being dominant over one or more individuals. In addition they may elect to view a submissive or slave as a being of little value or...

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