Preadators and Fakir

Preadators and Fakir

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Predator ~ A person who hunts for, seizes and grasps something or someone by violence. That taken with a desire to be devoured or destroyed (consumed and discarded). To commit violence, robbery or fraud. Plunder, ravage, rob.

Fakir ~ The wonder-worker. One that passes him/herself off as something other than what he/she is or pretends to qualities or abilities that s/he does not possess. The pretender, the impostor, the phony. To invite trust, reliance and belief for the express purpose of taking or committing fraud, violence and robbery.

There is a necessity to invest trust, reliance upon and belief in the individual that a submissive identifies as having the characteristics, attributes, unification of spirit, principle, outlook or interest that the submissive condenses to use as identifiers of that being or person they recognize as being Dominant. This investment of trust and belief inevitably exposes the submissive to vulnerability of misuse by that individual who is able to create, sustain and deliver the ‘package’ of dominant traits to the submissive. The fakir or confidence man/woman is indeed a Master, they are expert at adopting the patterns, habits and appearance of that which they wish for others to ‘see’ and believe. This fraud is typically for the express purpose of taking belief, physical pleasure (sex and abuse), and monetary gain from their prey. An extreme predator or sociopath predator uses this lure to gain access to their victim for the primary purpose of the commission of extreme violence, torment, torture, dismemberment and ultimately the death of their prey. An extreme predator is without regard for the life value or worth of those they interact with. Their prey is simply an object to be hunted and (devoured/destroyed) for the express pleasure of the predator.

The advent of the Internet has allowed predators to easily gain knowledge and entrance into the BDSM community. It is remarkably easy to formulate an identity visible ‘online’ to lure a submissive into a state of invested belief in that individual. Once that investment occurs the predator can then formulate, define and execute a plan of action to take what they desire from that submissive. The predator can present a ‘story’ to the submissive that explains why certain actions are needful on the part of that submissive. It is personal. Private. Their situation is ‘special’, and not to be shared by others. The very sensible ‘safety information exchanges and checks’ are totally supported by the dominant generally but in this ‘special’ case need to be modified to address their unique situation. The predator may state that they never expected to ever meet the ‘submissive of their dreams’ and that his/her arrival presents problems and issues that the ‘dominant’ never expected to face at this point. They must protect their career reputation, they have minor children and might lose them in a custody battle, they must move very carefully and slowly in their home life, and other relationships as their spouse/former spouse suffers from a. mental illness, b. physical illness or injury, c. access to attorneys, finances and clout which might be used to destroy the ‘dominant’ if knowledge of the ‘dominant and submissives’ relationship should be exposed. The predator explains the lack of ‘community recognition locally’ by attributing their selection of personal privacy due to one or more of these types of factors. This submissive is the ‘special’ one, there is no former submissive that they might question. Oh yes, the predator has been dominant a long time but they don’t have permission from their former submissive(s) to use them as a reference, or they have lost touch with that former submissive, etc.

The submissive who is at this point ‘invested’ in belief of that ‘predator’ accepts the word of the predator and rationalizes the information or instructions that the predator sets into motion. The predators ‘thoughts and concerns’ for the people in their life is an ‘admirable trait’, something the submissive should admire. So what, that it limits what the submissive can find out about the dominant. They know them. The dominant is wonderful. So very real to them online and on the phone. Knows exactly the right way to treat that submissive. Surely everything they say must be real and true. The submissive ‘feels’ it. And, challenge to the dominant, wouldn’t that mean or reflect that the submissive does not truly believe in the dominant. Isn’t that an action of disrespect? Isn’t a submissive supposed to immediately offer trust, belief and reliance in the word of a dominant? Isn’t that what everything is about?

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A predator/fakir takes their victim because they can. It is just that simple. The predator knows and understands that the submissive by nature and conditioning will be reluctant to point up the pieces that don’t fit. They will or may feel some ‘shame or guilt’ for being submissive in a world that considers such a choice as erroneous and subject to disdain or dismissal of the submissive’s relative ‘value’ by outside standards. The predator knows that there is no ‘central clearing house’ of information related to problems between or about specific dominants/submissives within the community itself. Essentially they know that they can willfully take, use, consume, diminish and destroy the life, finances, mental and physical welfare of a submissive with little or no recourse against them. They also know that once completed they can easily ‘pick up a new name’ and begin the same exact process again and again, feeding the monster within.
If you are the victim of a predatory or fakir dominant what actions should you take?

First, go see a lawyer. Many of the actions taken against a submissive or any human being in this country fall under legal statutes of redress. Be open and honest (with pride and grace) on the choices and expressions of your life and lifestyle. Remember that considerations of shame and guilt are the issues of other people or are actions visited upon you, not belonging to you. Breaking down the walls of discrimination begins with tiny choices to make others accountable for their actions against you. You may not win a small claims for property or monetary theft from you, but then again, you might. You may be able to have a jury or judge look upon the predator and name them fraud, fakir, confidence person, predator. Any action on your part is likely to upset the predators game plan, making them visible, exposing their life to their friends, family and workplace, in essence preventing or limiting that predators actions against the next submissive and the next.

Exist. Be visible. Retain your dignity and self respect. Your character is who you are. Be consistent. Do not respond to intimidation online or elsewhere. Be truthful (not bitter or angry) when asked questions about what occurred. Understand that your quiet retention of grace and dignity will do far more to support your reputation than any overt attempts on your part to ‘expose’ or otherwise engage in verbal assault against this predator online. Remember than when any relationship breaks down that outside viewpoint will regard the ‘opinion’ of either party as resulting from ‘bitter grapes’. If the actions taken against you are ‘real’ then allow their disposition to be played out in a ‘real’ arena such as court.

Final note: Predators and fakirs fall on both sides of this coin. This question was directly about dominant predators and as such was addressed in this way. No dominant or submissive should ‘need’ or request money. If they are requesting or needing help financially then they are at a point of instability which is exactly the wrong time to even consider formulation of any kind of relationship with them.

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