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Submissive Mythology

By PapaWoof

Submissives and Abuse… If a human being at some point in their childhood becomes the focus of physical and/or sexual…

April 21, 2017 Off

Transient Trust

By PapaWoof

A submissive has no alternative but to place a measure of trust so great in a Dominant that it constitutes…

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By PapaWoof

Sometimes it is in the feelings and responses of others that we learn or relearn simple lessons. In this I…

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By PapaWoof

To accuse falsely. To call into question, require verification, explanation or justification. To express that one is unjust or invalid.…

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By PapaWoof

. . . to arrange or bring about through conversation, conference or discussion in order to arrive at some kind…

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Self Esteem

By PapaWoof

Self – a dynamic unstable gathering of the five transitory personal elements of body, perception, conception, volition and consciousness, that…

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By PapaWoof

We call it our ‘little green eyed monster’, jealousy is that which devours our relationships, inspiring mistrust, anxiety, fear. Jealousy…

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3 collar system

By PapaWoof

This is the collaring system I was trained to use and still use it today. Boo currently wears a Formal…