Who Are We?

Who Are We?

April 27, 2017 Off By PapaWoof

We call ourselves a community. Within that community we stand uneasily in the company of others of our kind. There is an awareness of presence, that within those we associate with something outside of what is considered normal exists. That abnormality has lain across our own shoulders for the entirety of our lives, reminding us that we have never quite fit into the acceptable patterns of society.

It would be easy to call ourselves a community of outcasts, except this would be a mistake. While we are not wholly ‘like’ the majority of the society that surrounds us we are indelibly a part of it. In seeking to understand ourselves we sometimes create groups of separation, claiming apartness. Yet, we are the community of man, we stand not on the ‘edge’ of mankind but within the very ‘center’ of mankind.

Perhaps the defining marker of a member of this inner community is his or her discomfort and unwillingness to accept the overt rule and controls imposed by external governing bodies such as governments, religions or anyone attempting to dictate and control their personal belief’s and actions. There is also an ability to step across that line, to take action. Fear keeps the majority of humankind under control. Fear of retribution. Fear of punishment. Fear of being cast out. If you remove the element of fear from a person then that person instantly becomes dangerous for they are immediately capable of independent action. Independence is the removal of control.

Facing the tools of control is what this inner community we call BDSM does. We actively seek out and grasp the very things which are supposed to control us. Many of us limit our viewpoint of BDSM to its sexual gratification image, this too is a mistake. By actively seeking to become a part of any community you identify yourself within the whole of it’s meaning. If you ignore this then the lessons of history will turn on you and devour you. This is no different than becoming associated with any group that any other group finds distasteful, uncomfortable or frightening. Being a minority means that at any point the larger community can become frightened enough to turn on those they cannot control and attempt to destroy them.

So who are we to step into the ring of fire and face the demon’s within? Why do we seek these things out? Why do we need them? What are we and who are we? Who is the maverick? The risk taker? The answer is simple enough. It is the Dominant. That person willing to face the tiger, willing to face their own terror and pain.

We walk among each other with masked anonymous faces, hiding our identity from most. Many people walk among us, some are like us and some only see the exposed visual displays missing entirely the potentials and depths. We note those that ‘feel’ like us and nod passively to those we know instinctively are visiting. We are not an inner society of outcasts or rejects. If you manage to look under the mask you are more likely to find the cool, calm, direct eyes of a powerhouse intellect. The predatory evaluation of the roaming beast. Always watching. Always thinking. There is an element of detached emotional response. Seldom will you find a Dominant that is driven to easy response or raging temper. Outbursts of violent emotion are an indicator of flaw, weakness. The Dominant knows that control is fundamental survival.

If you want to top your world or realm then you must be able to take action through thought and not impulse. If you look far enough under the mask you will find the unmistakable identity of those within this community. That identity can be seen in the litany of names that march backward behind each of us into history. Most of us ignore our lineage beyond the third generation. Few of us know or care where we came from. Yet, this is the blood we carry in our bodies. That blood is the condensed experiences of all who have come before us. Every minute mutation is there. That blood made us who we are. Our tendencies are the culmination of thousands of years of breeding. Selective breeding.

Within the registry you will find the evidence of identity. Dominant’s breed Dominant’s. Like to like. Strength to strength. The secrets lay within the DNA itself, sometimes dormant for generations…until one child is born with the correct combination of genes. Then the beast rises to look outward and see what is within the reach and grasp of it’s mind.

This constant inbreeding across countless centuries strengthens peculiar mutations. Nature has a tendency to combine things that work, patterns or habits of success. Adaptation to overcome! It is within these mutations that our identity lingers. It is a simple fact that Dominant’s and submissives come from families of Dominant’s and submissives. The traits will be stronger within the lines of the most successful of these historically. The traits will be weaker within lines of those who carry only the occasional Dominant in the hereditary line.

We have forgotten who we are…