Advice From Titleholders

Advice From Titleholders

January 31, 2019 Off By Community Articles

Question for Title Holders, past & current. What’s the best advice you have for someone who is considering running for a Title?

Pup Aries

MR Says: I’m none just a #sashWife but be yourself and stay true to yourself.

ATP Says: Go into the experience looking to learn and grow. And while your doing it stay your self. Don’t change to try and fit a “look” you get further being true and honest.

BD Says: For who is CONSIDERING it? Well, the best thing someone did for me is repeatedly ask “With all that you’re doing already, what will having a title enable you to do that you can’t do now?” And be able to answer that in a way that feels authentic to you (and not just an excuse). If you don’t need the title, then don’t crowd the space. But if you actually CAN get something out of it, this exercise helps to keep expectations and goals a little more concrete and attainable. And the sash isn’t magic and it comes at a cost. It will NOT make you popular and liked, it won’t help your relationships, and no one ever turns a profit from it. Having a title is an opportunity and a catalyst. I’ve seen challenges crush some, and allow others to flourish, but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who is fully the same after the experience as they were at the beginning of it. The best lesson one can learn from it is that you never needed the title to do anything…but sometimes you need the experience to really understand that.

EK Says: From the outside i would say “do your thang and ignore the haters. Lots of people have critiques and opinions.

GB Says: Have fun with the process. When you aren’t having fun take a break and come back later

TL Says: Don’t burn yourself out. You have a whole year to explore and do so much. Don’t feel you have to cram everything in right away. Will PM later with more insight. Enjoy the experience, make new relationships and connections, and be yourself. Never lose sight of that.

AQ Says: What message/platform are you trying to share with the masses? Also, as BD said “. . .what will having a title enable you to do that you can’t do now?” Regardless of whatever you decided have fun and enjoy yourself.

BAG Says: Remain humble throughout the process and have a fucking ball!!! You’re showing the judges and the audience who you are/how you embody the title you’re running for. My other big piece of advice is NEVER let anyone tell you, you can’t do it! Even yourself

RS Says: It’s a learning experience. It’s going to be a marathon. Have people to support you and push you through it. Play to your strengths. Be you 100%. Don’t give them what you think they want. At the end of the day you want to show the judges who you are. And have all the sex before and after the contest. Because during it, you may only have time to sleep and poop.

SS Says: Don’t, unless you’re really fucking clear on your perspective, your self-esteem, and your expectations.

ST Says: Have fun. BE YOURSELF!

IA Says: Really think about why you want it, can you handle everything that comes with it, and which title is actually appropriate for you.

TD Says: Have a good message you want to voice with the title you want to earn. Br yourself, listen and learn as you go. Be humble, have fun, shoe your personality and enjoy the experience

MP Says: Consider the time and money you will invest. Also, realize that it is a service position. A way to lead but also give back

KMO Says: Really really know that you want to. Everything else will fall into place.

DD Says: Titles do not fix you, they do not cover up the bad or make problems magically disappear. They amplify every thing that is already there the good and the bad. My lessons learned and advice to future title holders is to make sure all those things are known talked about and are in check or they will eat you alive.

MHJ Says: The best advice I could give is to run with your heart, your beliefs, and your
Steven Wolfvien Archer If it is in your heart go for it and going 100 % for it .

IM Says: Just give it your all and don’t allow doubt to enter your mind

TSJ Says: Make sure you have a support system to keep you motivated and sane for the title year. Line up your team to be a success. Ask for help and have a plan.

JD Says: Be yourself!

DRS Says: Be you, not what you think someone else wants from you. Do what you think is right. Be passionate. Most importantly, have fun!

JS Says: decide why you’re running and remind yourself of that every single day. Have fun. if it stops being fun, you’re doing it wrong. also, you can’t please everyone so don’t try….

DP Says: Relax, have fun , don’t stress just go with the flow an have lots of fun,

KS Says: Be true to yourself and have fun and don’t think about winning too hard it’s not the title that makes you it’s you that makes the title

XT Says: Have a platform or plan for the year, become part of your community and actually know it, and if you win, have fun and enjoy the adventure, it’s a great experience and you can help a lot of people if you make it about community and not yourself.

JVM Says: Know your limits. That it’s okay to put your work as a titleholder on the backburner while you maintain other priorities such as self care and your daily responsibilities like work or school. Also don’t let your title define you. Don’t lose yourself. Many titleholders fall victim to this. They let the pagentry and fame consume them and they lose focus on who they are and what they stand for. So remeber to stay present, grounded, and mindful of who you really are.