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Handlers Bringing Toys?

As a new handler, is it appropriate to bring extra toys so my pups can share? RG: More toys is always good! PC: More toys always good *looks around for squeekie JT: Yes shows your are a friendly handler. TP: I’m sure the other pups would definitely appreciate more toys! Now if your handler friend has a pup, may not want to bring that pup’s *favorite* toy cause it could get lost or damaged. But if the handler doesn’t have a pup, bringing extra toys to play with the other pups is a good way of introduction and shows...

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IPAHW 2017 Sir Pounder Step Down Speech

Welp that’s a wrap! Today is our official step down as current International Puppy and Trainer Contest titleholders. What an amazing adventure it has been. I have been a title holder for the past 2 years and I can honestly say, I am ready to step down and give way to the new titleholders. Also, I need a vacation! For many of us, being a titleholder is more than taking selfies at events with other titleholders, more than posting daily rants on Facebook, and yes even more than being in the spotlight. It’s about giving time, love, passion, and energy to...

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Bordeaux Pride 2017: Puppy Archives

Puppy Archive Event InformationEvent: Bordeaux Pride 2017 Time: 17 – July -2017 Location: Bordeaux, France Photos have been kindly donated by Matt Redding. 2017 Bordeaux, France Pride Human Pups / Google Photos Bordeaux Pride starts in about an hour. Too bad I can't go like this. #humanpup #gaypride #puppypride #queerpride A post shared by Matt Redding (@djtatmatt) on Jun 17, 2017 at 4:37am PDT New photo by Nerdy Doggo / Google Photos New photo by Nerdy Doggo / Google Photos I made the Bordeaux newspaper with this photo! That's my husband in the pink shorts and our friend Alex is in the black shorts. Check it out here: #humanpup #puppypride #gaypride #outandproud A post shared by Matt Redding (@djtatmatt) on Jun 17, 2017 at 1:10pm PDT New photo by Nerdy Doggo / Google Photos Copyright All Images are owned by their respective owners. Any images located in our Puppy Archive repository have the original copyright owners within their file name information. These images are available to the public or have been donated to the Puppy Archives project to help record pup play events from around the world .Nerdy Doggo does not claim ownership of any of these photographs or videos unless stated explicitly. No content used in the Puppy Archives will be used for any commercial purpose and is here for historical archiving and educational use...

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