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Longest In Pupspace

Just a question for the Pack…& Handlers, of course… what is the longest time you’ve spent in basically uninterrupted puppy head space? Or had a.Pup stay in continual almost uninterrupted head space? BM: My longest was about 5 hours, it was the best time I’d had ever GS: 6 hours DG: Ive gone a total of 5 with my alpha till i got hungry and realized how hard it was to open packages and the microwave 😂 BS: I totally get that, pup! DG: Wags tail excitedly i like to try and get into sirs bacon treats num num MS:...

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Handler and a Pup Split Ways: A Discussion

When a handler and a pup split ways mutually, is it common practice for the pup to give back items (toys, collars, leashes, etc) that the handler gifted them? RM: I would probably sit down with the Handler/Pup and talk about the items CJ: “Common” is a dangerous word. It’s gotta be a genuine decision on a case by case basis JD: It’s more common for Bpys to give their Sir their collar back than it is for Pups to give it back to their Handler, I believe. The Sub losing his/her collar when a relationship ends is a...

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Quotes from the Community

Burrpup Ursus: Be you. Be the pup that makes you the happiest. Alpha or not, pack or not, title or not…we’re all just dogs looking for joy. Pup Nightmare: It is okay to love yourself, to be comfortable in your skin. Body or fat shaming is absolutely not nor ever okay or necessary. Justin St Clair: if you are constantly having to defend your actions, the problem, in fact, may be your actions. And no, you’re not a victim when someone points out your bullshit. Pup Bayard: The best part about pup play is that there are no set...

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Discussing Packs

Are you in one? Have you been in one? Don’t want to be in one? Are they good or bad and why? Additional question – Was it sexual or non-sexual? For all members or just some? KV: Lead one. We are still working out all of our dynamics. But we are family and it works so far. I think packs are great, just like in the wild. But some pups enjoy being lone or stray, and that is okay too. SM: At this point even tho I’m a new pup, my pack is my family, or the closest I have...

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Non-Sexual Packs?

Would you be part of a pack that is totally non-sexual? Why or why not? GS:No unless it allowed for freedom of outside sexual contact. Puppy play has a significant sexual component for me. CP: I would for the community aspect. A pack is a family, regardless of the sexual aspect. But I agree with GS, would want to allow for outside sexual contact. RV: Absolutely TP: Not like you can only belong to one pack at a time… unless it’s a pack rule in which case, yeah, I’m out BT: Yeah there are many questions I have beforehand....

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