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Pup Play Spectrum

We have reached a Trump vs Clinton point in the Puppy Community. What I mean about that is we have a disagreement between 2 sides of the community and both have entrenched themselves and I have seen more than a few that rather than just take this as we are all different with different likes, kinks, desires etc, it’s seen as we are right and you are wrong. That topic is simply for some puppy is sexual while for some it’s non-sexual. I have always said that being a puppy is not cookie cutter and the same for everyone,...

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Community Issues

  DG: An issue I’m facing the lack of connection in areas. Pups who don’t know others in their areas and feel left out. Those that can’t attend pup events because they are bar or adult themed.   PR: It’s hard to get some to do things that aren’t bar events because they work days, even on the weekend. We do a monthly munch usually over lunch and get some good turn out. We even do some day trips, museum outings, zoo, City Museum. We also have some that complain they want this or that and then it’s planned...

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The Symbols are Not the Arrival

When I began exploring leather in my early twenties I was of course very drawn to becoming a collared boy to someone. Yes, I was having an abundant amount of play experiences, but I was really hungry for something more secure. I wanted to feel like a Sir’s property, to be owned and cherished. He would help me grow and learn, and provide structure and balance in a life where I desperately needed it.  The photos and Tom of Finland drawings I saw depicting men in their collars gave me a sense of longing, and I thought one day I...

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Ageisim In The Community

Ageism in the Puppy community – I’m not talking about relationships here – How prevalent is it? If you are younger do you have someone that is older and a mentor? Are you willing to even look to someone older/younger for advice?  LM: As someone who is younger than 21, getting my paw in the door of the Pup community was hard as fuck. I had to know all of the right people to even really know much about it at all. This is mainly because a lot of pup spaces and moshes and the like are all in...

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What a Collar Can Mean

Collars are very symbolic things. Sacred. Important. Special. And NEVER something that should be given without a clear understanding of what it means, by all parties involved.  If you EVER give a collar to someone you better be completely clear on what it means and hold yourself responsible as the one who gave it to THEM. Yes the receiving end is equally responsible of being communicative of needs/want/expectations. But recently, I’ve had the horror of hearing of at least 4 individuals coming forward to speak on the emotional abuse they went through because they were mislead about being collared....

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