Toxic Handlers Discussion

Toxic Handlers Discussion

January 25, 2019 Off By Community Articles

Let’s start a discussion. We have all run into these. What makes a toxic alpha/handler/dom? (This is personality not hiv) Do you think their is resolution to this problem or do you think it’s a walk away scenario. Please give your input. No one is wrong here.
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PWF Says: Someone that refuses hard boundaries. Someone that wants to isolate you from friends and family.

SM Says: Someone who forces you to do something against the rules of the scene; does not ask for check ins during scenes; and doesn’t respect your wants or needs.

EH Says: For some they will never learn. Some were taught wrong and that’s when we step in to teach them corrective measures. And then some just don’t care. I think another way to help this is to teach other pups what to look out for and how to protect them

SD Says: Someone that is more concerned with their own needs than yours. Who tries to make you into something that you don’t want to be. A good Dom/Handler/Alpha’s responsibility is to guide a pup into becoming the person and pup they strive to be. It all comes down to one thing – respect. If you’re not getting that, then walk away.

BU Says: Somebody who cannot listen and adapt to their submissives needs. Someone who thinks that their way is always right, and that it’s the only way. Someone who constantly corrects submissives without good reason. Someone who doesn’t want to communicate

PH Says: Someone that is not willing to put the time and effort into getting to know each other. This goes for pups too. Rushing into a relationship just so you can say you have a pup, handler, Sir, boy, etc or a collar is just not worth it.

DB Says: I think a toxic alpha/handler is someone who “collects” pups and is unable to put in the time and effort to develop the relationship. It seems like they are doing it more for status than actually caring for our building the individual relationships.

MC Says: I would agree and add that, for me, that is a Back Away Slowly kind of situation.

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