2019 Nerdy Doggo Community Survey

2019 Nerdy Doggo Community Survey

February 13, 2019 Off By Tycho Aurora


This is turning into the worlds largest and most in depth research project about pup play, Last time we did this in 2017 we had over 1,700 respondents and by streamlining the process from then, we should have even more in 2019! There are many reasons we are conducting this large scale research project but here is a comprehensive list of what our objectives are:

  • To help inspire future research in the academic community about the pup play community.
  • To help inform workshop creators to help provide resources and topics that are the most helpful in the community.
  • To create the first major comprehensive quantitative research series to be publicly viewable by the entire community.
  • To see what topics are popular amongst the community to steer the direction of the pupplay.info resource and advice creation.
  • To have quantitative facts to compare to 2017 results to begin seeing statistically significant trends in community to help community groups know what the greater picture looks like than what they only see in person.

Information Release

We will be releasing the results as an academic paper and then later combined in with future articles and other projects planned. Raw data that could be traced back to an individual will not be released, and what will be released, will be designed so no specific individual can be traced.

We did this same system last time to great success, you can see the free eBook at this link

Privacy & Security

We will NOT be making the raw data publicly available, this is to ensure the privacy of participants and no data released will be capable of being traced back to specific individuals. We DO NOT collect usernames, email addresses or account information. Your privacy is our top priority, which is why every individual result will stay anonymous

We have upgraded not only the pupplay.info website but have also made sure the form system we use has SSL certification. This is a form of encryption that’s end-to-end in a nutshell, making sure no one is listening in or stealing information. To make sure that this encryption is used, make sure the urls begin with https:// if your browser is up to date, it will tell you if the page your looking at is secure by saying “secure” or showing a padlock icon depending on your OS.

Professional Data Miners have volunteered to help us sift through the data to give meaningful statistical results and will be under legally bound Non-Disclosure Agreements and will not be allowed to share information outside of the final published report that will be publicly available to all.

We did this same strategy last time in 2017 and was successful, we had no leaks in privacy and kept all our promises to the project, this is what were striving for again in 2019

Developed by the Community

If you have an idea or some feedback, don’t hesitate to ask us. If it is as unbiased as possible, there is a good chance it will go into the future parts editions. Many people in the community were involved in the second edition and helped make it more streamlined and easier to navigate.

Q: [Inset Question Here] is in the survey, but it isn’t as important as asking about [Inset Question Here].

A: If we put in every question we had, it would take a very long time to fill out. We made the 2017 survey 5 questionnaires and 124 questions; in 2019 its going to be only 1 questionnaire and 56 questions.

To keep these surveys at a reasonable size, we are have broken up major topics to be spread through future survey versions. The order of questions does NOT mean something in more important.