Picking The Right Clothing For Puppy Play

Picking The Right Clothing For Puppy Play

February 24, 2019 Off By Sir Wolf

Picking The Right Clothing For Puppy Play

Written By: Whiteout

Puppies have a diverse range of activities to choose from! Whether it’s a rough mosh, playing catch, or snuggling up closely with someone they love. It’s important to pick the right type of clothing to get the most enjoyment out of your pup experience. While you can certainly go completely naked or wear the bare minimum with only a jock, some puppies like to complete their look with a full outfit. With the large diversity in fetish clothing options, it’s important to know what to look for when building your own fetish wardrobe. For more information about fetish clothing, check out my YouTube page at: youtube.com/whiteoutrubber

Most Recommended – Spandex / Zentai
Spandex truly is the best combination of strength and flexibility when it comes to fetish clothing for puppy play. It’s easy to put on, very cheap to purchase, and will hold up to all the rough play a puppy could ever want. Whenever I participate in a puppy event or gear up for private fun, 90% of the time I’ll choose spandex. This material is also the easiest to clean, with most suits being machine washable. That’s important since puppies tend to build up quite a bit of sweat during play. When the clothing does rip after countless play sessions, it is easy to repair with some basic sewing skills.

Spandex has several different designs to choose from. I personally am a fan of full coverage, so I chose full body suits. These full suits are very similar to skin tight rubber catsuits and are called “zentai suits”. I also frequently see puppies romping in wrestling singlets, which are also made from spandex. These allow for coverage of the body while keeping the arms and knees exposed. This is more of a personal preference. However, wrestling singlets are more forgiving to larger body types than a full coverage zentai.



Leather is another great material for puppy play! It’s easily the strongest material listed and will hold up for many years. However, keep in mind that many moshes have strict rules when it comes to metal accessories on gear. I have seen pups forced to take off their leather gear because it contained spikes or studs that could potentially harm another puppy. I rarely see puppies in full le

ather outfits during play. This is because it is possible to scuff and scratch, a risk most people wouldn’t want to take on a $500 pair of pants.

Most commonly seen are leather harness and collars, which leather is the most suited material for. I personally will combine a leather harness and a zentai and have achieved some great results with both style and functionality. Leather is also a fantastic choice for puppy accessories. I personally own a pair of leather fist mitts which have survived countless moshes! Leather puppy hoods have also been a popular choice for years and I know pups still using their original Mr. S hood after over a decade.


Neoprene is most commonly used for puppy hoods and accessories. Many manufacturers will also produce neoprene pants, shirts, and full body catsuits. While hoods and accessories are certainly fine for normal puppy use, I personally have seen horror stories from neoprene clothing used during puppy play. I recall seeing a pup at IML two years ago who had a pair of beautiful neoprene pants which were worn during the woof camp puppy mosh. After an hour of participating in the romp, the once pristine pants were absolutely destroyed with several cuts and small chunks of the neoprene foam falling off. Neoprene is very sensitive to cuts and scratches, especially if you are constantly on your knees. Even with knee pads, it is very easy to create perm

anent creases from regular puppy play.

That being said, there are still many options available where neoprene can be safely used in rougher situations. Instead of full pants and shirts, it is most recommended to purchase neoprene with exposed knees and elbows. These can be neoprene tank tops, shorts, or surf suits. This means the high stress areas will be avoided entirely when engaging in rough play.


Latex / Rubber
Latex and rubber clothing is very sensitive to tears and rips! While it’s perfectly fine if you’re simply posing for pictures. The risk of a blowout or rip is always possible when engaging in play. Rubber is best used for puppy accessories such as hoods and mitts. During the few times I have worn rubber for puppy fun, I was constantly taken out of the headspace to check and make sure nothing was ripping. At every major puppy mosh, I almost always find a latex pup scurrying away to get out of a ripped suit. If you do still wish to primarily be a latex pup make sure to invest in a thick rubber suit. Rubber thicknesses under .60mm should not be used and I have seen some puppies use .80mm suits for play.

In addition, knee pads are a must! Any high friction or high stress areas should be monitored regularly for pinhole tears which can rapidly develop into a massive blowout. These areas include the armpits, knees, and butt. Any areas around zippers should also be inspected regularly. When the rubber stretches, the zipper will remain rigid and cause increased stress around the glued areas. If any small rips are found, immediately stop wearing the gear and repair it before engaging in any further play.