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2017 Paris Pride March: Photo Gallery

The French Gay Pride – Paris – 24 of June 2017#Puppy #puppies #puppyplayThe full photo reportage: — Gaydogtraining (@gaydogtraining) June 24, 2017 Gay Pride – Paris – June 2017 – Marche des Fiertés – Paris – 24 Juin 2017#puppy #puppies #puppyplay #dogtraining — Gaydogtraining (@gaydogtraining) June 25, 2017 Paris pride with all our fetish friends, and an awesome army car 😎 — Noen Thranduil (@PupNoen) July 2, 2016 Gay Pride – Paris – June 2017Marche des Fiertés – Paris – 24 Juin 2017#puppy #puppies #puppyplayPhoto reportage: — Gaydogtraining (@gaydogtraining) June 26, 2017 Gay...

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2017 London Pride March: Photo Gallery

The pup space is ready at FIRE after #LondonPride walkies, made even better by @SpacePupSilver fantastic artwork decorating the walls. — Piglet-MrPuppyUK2017 (@MrPuppyUK2017) July 8, 2017 London Pride 2017 starts in just 1 hour! — Puppy Pride (@PuppyPride) July 8, 2017 Travelling off to the London pride walk 🌈 — Hexyc (@hexyck) July 8, 2017 With the stunning slab of beef known as Mr Hoist Rubber @UKRBBR2014 #LondonPride — Piglet-MrPuppyUK2017 (@MrPuppyUK2017) July 8, 2017 On the streets of #LondonPride. Cheeky bit of jock strap showing ;P — Piglet-MrPuppyUK2017 (@MrPuppyUK2017) July 8, 2017 Had...

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2017 Antwerp Pride March: Photo Gallery

Hehe just a little pic from Antwerp. — Sciencyguy (@kinksciencyguy) August 14, 2017 Thank you for an amazing pride Antwerp aka HandTwerp aka FistWerp 😛🐶😈🐽🏳️‍🌈 @Tygospup — StrugglePup (@PupStruggle) August 13, 2017 Posted by Kurt Drossaert on Sunday, August 13, 2017 Antwerp Puppy Pride! #puppy #pride A post shared by Dantin Wolf Florian (@frenchy_pup) on Aug 12, 2017 at 1:17pm PDT We caught a puppy! Pup Stitch at Antwerp Pride… he's super adorable! — StormWolf 🐺 (@StormWolfBE) August 13, 2017 Pup being derpy at Antwerp pride 😅💚💚💚 — 💚Languh – Pup E💚 (@languh) August 13,...

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First Ever Dog Pride Flag Found

During our research on the history of pup play, we stumbled on the original and first ever dog pride flag that was created. First mention is from April 2001 on the now defunct website leatherdog which was around from October 2000 – October 2007. Scott Stevenson, aka phyedo, wrote and mentioned that he had created a Dog Pride Flag for the dogboy/Handler community. We really liked his idea, and interviewed him regarding its origins and usage. Here are excerpts from that interview. Why did you decide to create a Dog Pride flag in the first place? phyedo: i guess that after...

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History of Pup Pride Flags

Doberman Pup Pride Flag Kind of the oldest known examples of a flag to represent the pup play community. This is still used in similar versions like the Gaydogtraining group in france for example. Not much is known from the original designer or who it was other than the comments made by the creator of the Pup Bone Pride Flag. Far as known, it is currently in the public domain for all uses. Pup Bone Pride Flag ~ Original note from Kirk “Brue” Pierce, the original designer to the Pup Bone pride flag. I am going to throw a...

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