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Canis Minor: Pup Play Free Research eBook Released

We are pleased to announce that Canis Minor, the free eBook containing the 2017 Nerdy Doggo Research Project has been published! Download Free eBook Here We set out with a purpose to achieve by the end of this project. Below is a bullet list of what our purpose behind it is. Formulate a kind of “quantitative snapshot” of what the community looks like in appearance Find what peoples likes and dislikes would be Find out what people want from their community Create results from the data to help inspire and direct role models and proactive leaders in the pup...

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2017 Folsom Puppies: Photo Gallery

Selfies with the doggos @SpacePupSilver @PupLumos @Pup_Zosey @languh @kinksciencyguy — Pixel @FolsomEU (@puppixel) September 9, 2017 The happy pack x x — pup Darco Waco (@DarcoWaco) September 10, 2017 Who is poodle now? With @Farex_Pup — Fredly Fetish Photo (@FredlyFetish) September 9, 2017 Hi from Berlin. Come say hi if you see me at the street fair today 🙂 — Pixel @FolsomEU (@puppixel) September 9, 2017 *wags* got another picture with Alpha @Pup_Novy — Pixel @FolsomEU (@puppixel) September 9, 2017 Had the pleasure of seeing the chimney pup @Teckpup tehehe :3 — Pup...

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Review of Woof: A Barkumentary

The purpose of this film was to humanize a community that is very misunderstood not just by the general public, but also by people within the community. While filming, we oftentimes found ourselves trying to defend the pup and BDSM community to people who said they were allies. We want people to know that being part of the pup community doesn’t make them who they are, it’s just a small aspect of their lives. We also discuss in the film the problems surrounding abuse within the kink and fetish world, and why it’s not discussed. We aim to make this a more common topic that...

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2017 Manchester Pride March: Photo Gallery We came a Facebook status at @ManchesterPride !!! — Lucius (@BootPuppyLucius) August 27, 2017 Lovely day at Manchester Pride and lovely photo from @Pup_Novy — Pixel (@puppixel) August 26, 2017 Manchester. I’m in you. — Pixel (@puppixel) August 25, 2017 Off to manchester pride tomorrow.. first ever pride for me.. am nervous pup — Toffee & Skooter Pup (@Toffee_pup) August 25, 2017 Hello Birmingham! — Squeak (@pup_squeak) August 26, 2017 If you see the cat at #ManchesterPride2017 #ManchesterPride parade marching with @MancRubMen come and say hi! — PussInBoots (@Bastian_Puss) August...

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2017 Paw & Pounce SEA-PAH Mosh: Photo Gallery

Are you thinking of running for Northwest Puppy and Handler? Do you like to meet, sniff, and mosh? Do you have an interest in and questions about the NW-PAH contest or learning together? Or do you just want to come and have fun at the events? Then you should come to Paw and Pounce Weekend, our 3rd annual Regional Puppy Celebration. 2017-08-19 Paw & Pounce SEA-PAH Mosh / Google Photos New photo by Tycho Aurora / Google Photos New photo by Tycho Aurora / Google Photos New photo by Tycho Aurora / Google Photos New photo by Tycho Aurora...

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