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History of Pup Pride Flags

Doberman Pup Pride Flag Kind of the oldest known examples of a flag to represent the pup play community. This is still used in similar versions like the Gaydogtraining group in france for example. Not much is known from the original designer or who it was other than the comments made by the creator of the Pup Bone Pride Flag. Far as known, it is currently in the public domain for all uses. Pup Bone Pride Flag ~ Original note from Kirk “Brue” Pierce, the original designer to the Pup Bone pride flag. I am going to throw a...

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Why So Serious? Photo Competition Winners

1st Place: Pup Twitch on Instagram Who doesn’t like socks!? 2nd Place: Nick Michael on Facebook An empty room ripe for the imaginative puppy to romp and cause mayhem Big thanks for all submissions, they were a lot of fun! We plan to hold similar competitions in the future. Winners will be contacted shortly for details to send them their gift...

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Competing Against Discrimination

Our community is not perfect, but no community is. I always have high hopes for progress and equality for everyone. There are a lot of people in this community, luckily not a majority that discriminate towards other pups that don’t fit their mould of what pup play is, whether be telling people they can’t be a dominant pup or saying people can’t be a pup if they have any kind of mental health issues, I could continue the list I’m sure for a long time. What I want to address, though, is a much subtler form of discrimination. Discrimination...

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Gear Library Released

Announcing our latest project, We have created a gear library, we will constantly be growing and expanding it on a weekly, if not daily basis. There are some useful tools we are creating with it: Prices are approximate in USD, AUD and EUR We arent selling directly, this is so you can compare different pieces all in once place from multiple brands while keeping things unbiased. Descriptions are kept factual, and informative to help you make decisions more informed. Logged in users can leave rating and reviews to help others in the community make informed decisions. Video reviews, ideas and...

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