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Why So Serious Photo Competition

Lets have some fun shall we? Calling all pups and handlers! lets lighten the mood from all this drama and seriousness out there and show people how much fun, goofy times and light-heartedness we can have out there! Here at and friends, we are holding a photo competition, this isn’t about gear, this isn’t about popularity, this is about having fun!! Yes, There are Prizes!! First place prize: $50 Mr S Leather Gift Voucher Second place prize: $25 Mr S Leather Gift Voucher How To Enter Upload one or as many photos between Now to 16th May 2017 on Facebook,...

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2017 Nerdy Doggo Survey FAQ

Welcome to the 2017 Nerdy Doggo Survey FAQ Page, Why There are many reasons we are conducting this large scale research project, here is a comprehensive list of what our objectives are: To help inspire future research in the academic community about the pup play community. To help inform workshop creators to help provide resources and topics that are the most helpful in the community. To create the first major comprehensive quantitative research to be publicly viewable by the entire community. To see what topics are popular amongst the community to steer the direction of the resource and...

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You Are Worth It!

Everyday I help out pups, talking to them, learning about their experiences, supporting them and guiding them. So many different personalities and so many different situations, yet most of them have one thing in common – Insecurity. Let me just tell you something. Holding onto those thoughts that you are worth nothing, holding on to the thought you can never move forward, that you are not good enough or that you deserve to suffer is just the wrong attitude to have. You are a special person (pup), who was born for a reason. You have a place at this...

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PupPlay.Info Style Manual

Version 1.1 – April 2017 Want to Contribute? We are always looking for more volunteers and contributors, if you want to write a one-off article, let us know at and someone can upload it on your behalf. Your article must include the following: Follow the rules in this style manual Include at the end of your article a brief explanation of who you are as the author of the article. Your welcome to add a link to your credit to a SFW social media account (twitter, facebook, instagram e.t.c) Once it is submitted, if it is approved; it would only...

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