2018: PupPlay.Info Turns 2!

2018: PupPlay.Info Turns 2!

January 1, 2018 Off By Tycho Aurora

This month, PupPlay.Info turns two years old! its been such such an awesome build up from the success of our first year. None of this still would not be possible without you all! the entire community!

While we all have our ups and downs, we have proven to ourselves [the community] we can rally behind each other and lift all of us into this more unified, safe and encouraging community. I am very proud to be one of drops in the bucket of the diversity we call our community.

~Taylor Cook, Founder

Website Statistics

Here is a small list of what has been added to the website in the past year. I am very proud that we have exceeded last year on every count and just goes to show 2018 will be an even better year for the website and the pup community

  • 33 New Pages of Guides
  • 154 New Articles on a wide variety of topics in pup play
  • 360 New Products added to our Gear Library for you to browse and compare before buying
  • 15 New Regular Contributors to content
  • 1,100 Users newly registered

Not everything was smooth and good this year. Luckily our forward thinking and planning our security and safeguards held in place, we had three major DDOS attacks attempted to the website and all three were thwarted and no sensitive data was breached or corrupted. Good luck next time Sydney and Seattle 😉

Only sad news to share is one of the community contributed articles published in 2017 contained a Sirius pup pack logo and we were harassed in a confrontation, even to the point of a sudden DCMA notice to remove the logo image. The image was taken off promptly and resolved quick as the last thing we want is to impinge on someones copyright, no matter how frivolous. Just to remind people the importance of our submission process located here and to respect the wishes of those who don’t want to get involved with this community project.

Nerdy Doggo Merchandise

Our donations through Nerdy Doggo was a big success this past year! While our Redbubble sales don’t make much, every dollar counts. If you want to know where this money has gone this past year, here is a small list of major things.

  • We have raised enough money to keep PupPlay.Info advert free for 2018
  • Hired a programmer to make a custom secure social mapping system that any registered user can find other fellow pups and handlers to connect to. While making sure the user has full control over their data and can update or remove their details if they wish, making this a one-of-a-kind map in the community.
  • Donated time and money to help set up the Inaugural Australian Pup and Handler Competition Weekend that housed multiple workshops from respected people in the community from across the world
  • Begun work on a comprehensive book (coming out in 2018) about the diversity of the pup play community in a way thats as non-biased as possible to help inspire people to try new things and help learn about themselves.
  • Click The Image To Access The Puppy Archives

    Ran the worlds largest public pup play research project that gathered over 1,700 pups and handlers from every major continent across the world. We also fulfilled our promise that the research results would be freely available and are in a free e-book download for anyone to access.

  • Begun work on our diversity of pup play documentaries that will be created and run by the community.
  • Set up the foundations of the Puppy Archives; A resource of information about current and past events, figures and groups in our community for preserving and recording our community history. (Kind of like what the Leather Archives function as)

Your purchases from our RedBubble Store has made this possible. Without it, these projects would not have happened. We are thankful you have put faith in us and we hope to continue forward in 2018 and help support the community even more!

What To Expect in 2018?

We don’t plan on repeating 2017, we want to outperform it! We have so many projects planned it will be a constant flow of resources so check back often! Here is a small list of things we hope to complete and/or work on this coming year.

  • Keep the articles and guides flowing with the ability of any registered user to submit an article for review and publication
  • Have our Puppy Archives contain some information on every social group and major event, begin recording oral history of figures in our community. Also to be free-to-use for all
  • Launch Canis Major. Our comprehensive pup play book showcasing lots of tips, tricks and strategies on pup play in our community to be released.
  • Begin our pup play-centric sex and wellbeing educational series on YouTube
  • Complete major filming of our Pup Play Documentaries

There are more things but some are surprises so you’ll just have to keep checking back 😉


Again; Thank you all for your support of what we do on this website, and I hope we wont let you all down and help provide more resources and help for the community for the future!


If you want to see what we wrote about our first year in review. you can check it out at the button below.


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