Handlers Bringing Toys?

Handlers Bringing Toys?

January 2, 2018 Off By Community Articles

As a new handler, is it appropriate to bring extra toys so my pups can share?

RG: More toys is always good!

PC: More toys always good *looks around for squeekie

JT: Yes shows your are a friendly handler.

TP: I’m sure the other pups would definitely appreciate more toys! Now if your handler friend has a pup, may not want to bring that pup’s *favorite* toy cause it could get lost or damaged. But if the handler doesn’t have a pup, bringing extra toys to play with the other pups is a good way of introduction and shows they’re friendly 🙂

JS: yes. there are NEVER enough toys to make the pups happy.

AT: absolutely!

KB: I always appreciate a thoughtful handler

BM: As a handler / pup yea it is it helps break the ice and makes both parties happy and more at ease

JM: Absolutely. I have a bag of toys specifically for my human pups and their friends

CP: The more the merrier

DM: They should be new toys you take as a gift – and leave there

TH: Woof. YES!!!

EH: Always for sure. And if you don’t need to use them it’s fine keep them in your bag.

NB: When sharing toys be sure to avoid cloth and rope toys. They are hard to clean if some one has food allergies (peanut allergies can be triggered from sharing toys with some one who just ate peanuts.) another concern is if some one in pup space gets hit in the mouth and does not notice they are bleeding, a solid toy with some blood can be easily cleaned with a Clorox Wipe.

MW: as long as there is enough for all of them. you wouldn’t want any disobedience, …or would you🤔

TD: Yes

GS: More toys is never a problem