Timeline of Pup Play on The Internet

Timeline of Pup Play on The Internet

November 22, 2017 Off By Tycho Aurora

Wondered what pup play has looked like online? What used to be out there? During our research for the puppy archives we have found many websites that used to be important to our community but has since past into history. This timeline here shows major websites that have resources, events and/or communities that have supported pups and handlers at some point.

All data is accurate as much as possible, if you feel we are missing content or have innacurate dates, please let us know. We ask you that you do not republish this image but link back to this article so users can see any updates. Some websites have been omitted upon request of their owners not wanting to have content  on pupplay,info

Missing Timeline Websites:

These will be added soon.

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We are always looking for contributions to help assemble this free-to-use archive of our community’s history. You can contact us at nerdy.doggo (at) gmail .com if you have any resources available to contribute.

All Images and content are owned by their respective owners. These images are available to the public or have been donated to the Puppy Archives project to help record human pup play events from around the world. Nerdy Doggo does not claim ownership of any of these photographs or videos unless stated explicitly. No content used in the Puppy Archives will be used for any commercial purpose and is here for historical archiving and educational use only.