Contribute To The Puppy Archives

Contribute To The Puppy Archives

November 23, 2017 Off By Tycho Aurora

Welcome To The Puppy Archives!

As you may have seen, this year we began the puppy archives. A growing collection of resources of previous events and milestones of the community to record and archive for future generations. This is not possible without donations of information from the community. This is a team effort and we need your help!

Below we have listed some of the major sources of information we are priority collecting, This isn’t everything though. If you feel it is not on the lists below and is important enough, we still want to hear from you.

Every Bit Counts!

Know something we are missing? Awesome! We are not looking for only submissions who can tell us everything about an event or major milestone. If you have anything, even if its to fill in a date or a name or to send a url to something that has information on an event that is missing. Please, contact us! every little bit counts!

[su_box title=”Contact Us With Information” box_color=”#005aba” radius=”5″]If you have any information that we are missing, no matter how small.
Contact us at Nerdy (dot) Doggo (at) g mail (dot) com[/su_box]

Oral History


  • Identified as a pup or handler in some form OR part of a pup play community before 1997.
  • Have personally gone to any pup play events or workshops 1999 or prior.
  • Have first-hand accounts of people you personally knew who were active as a pup and/or handler before 1980 and willing to share their experiences for posterity.

Information We Are Looking For

  • Please contact us for us to discuss how we can work together to make sure information is kept safe and consensual

Pride Events


  • A pup-pride representation at an annual local Greater Queer Community pride festival

Information We Are Looking For

  • Large Group Photos (Selfies aren’t included)
  • Pictures of Floats
  • Wide-Angle photos of interacting with the crowd (wide-angle preferred)
  • Reviews of pride march experience for pups and handlers
  • Links to any mainstream media mention

Social Group History


  • A pup play social support group (this is not for packs or chosen families)

Information We Are Looking For

  • Group name
  • Date of founding
  • Group location
  • Group logo (past and present iterations with any timeline dates)
  • Group board members (past and present with any timeline dates)
  • Group mission / description
  • Dates and descriptions of any major milestones for the group



  • The central focus of the event is on pup play (furry conventions or leather events with pup play workshops aren’t included)
  • Is an annual competition or less-frequent

Information We Are Looking For

  • Event date, location, Venue
  • Event logo & major marketing material
  • Stage hosts & relevant titles
  • Judge names & relevant titles
  • Tallymaster names & relevant titles
  • Titleholder winners & runner-ups
  • Images of titleholder patch/vest/sash
  • Information on other pup-themed events held over the competition weekend
  • Any major photos
  • Any major videos
  • Any speeches made by leaders / titleholders at the event
  • Any major reviews
  • Any mention from mainstream media (and reference links)
  • Any information of other awards given out at the event weekend

Mainstream Media


  • New articles and interviews by journalists and published by sources that are not direct from the pup play community

Information We Are Looking For

  • Journalist Name
  • Date of Publication
  • Article Title
  • Source of Publication
    • Newspaper: Name of paper & edition
    • Digital: Direct URL of article
    • Television: Name of show & original viewing time
  • Photos, Screenshots or Raw Text of article

Your Copyright of Your Data

Any donation of content for the puppy archives does not waive your copyright, or mean its now in the public domain. We do not either claim copyright control over anything donated to the puppy archives. We want to keep this free-to-access for anyone and we will never be making any money off your donated content. (Why would we want to tarnish our reputation by something silly as that!)

When images are given to us to use. We will place your chosen name in the filename of every image to make absolutely certain that anyone wanting to find the original source, will know that its from you. Also, while we ask you not to donate any photos or videos with watermarks, we will respect your wishes and will not tamper with any images. At no point do we want anyone to think this content is proprietary to us. This is meant to belong to the entire community!

Costs of maintaining the Puppy Archives will be amalgamated into the running of Pupplay.Info and funds gathered from Nerdy Doggo products and donations will keep it financially afloat to keep it free-to-use.


Please keep in mind all submissions of data still have to try to keep within the guidelines of the Style Manual Located Here