Puppy Relationships

Puppy Relationships

June 12, 2017 Off By Community Articles

Relationships – Is your puppy and partner the same person? Do you have separate relationships? How do you balance things? How do you handle communication and disagreements? How do you feel no one is feeling left out or ignored?

[box] LS: I am currently in a poly relationship with my husband and two handlers. We see each other on the weekends. We live about an hour away from each other. Our main focus is on our own marriages and the poly relationship is secondary. It’s been awesome so far. My husband is not comfortable with being a handler as he is a boy.[/box]

[box] SH: I am in a training session with a Sir having them separately for me just now is easier since when I get frustrated at Sir I don’t have the added conflict of being in love wif him. Ultimately, though, I want Sir and mate to be one person.[/box]

[box] JA: I really want to start my full training.. maybe a few hours a day.. my husband wants to be my handler but we don’t really do any pup training he just let’s me do what I want while in pup gear and watches or sleeps while I play with other pups with the tug rope[/box]

[box] SH: The sir I am working with has me work on how to talk ,manners play intimacy and reward punishment[/box]

[box] TH: Actually, getting to the point where I need visual aids to describe our family tree. This is just one branch of it: I’m collared to my Daddy with my husband’s blessing while also being Daddypup to another as well as having a beta (and another under consideration).[/box]

[box] DS: But does you family tree loop around where the lowest node is the Sir to the top node (yet)? :-)[/box]

[box] BM: are in a very loving relationship, open but i would only be comfortable with doing anything with another woman really. All we have to do is discuss with each other beforehand. When we argue it gets pretty steamy and we can get all dramatic and shit but then one of us will either try and make a joke to make each laugh or something to push past the BS. As for being left out it sucks right now because I can’t even go home to him and I still have a super low libido due to the heart surgery, but I only have about a week before I can leave m grandparents house and move back into my own!

P.S. I wouldn’t trade him for all the money in the world.[/box]

[box] TO: My husband is non-pup. I also have my Betapup, & am teaching another pup.[/box]

[box] JM: Me and my pack are working on that hehe, it’s confusing[/box]

[box] KM: Suprisingly my owner / handler, Dom, and partner are all the same man. It’s amazing how it worked out. We don’t fight much but when we do its as partners and we talk calmly. That part of our relationship comes first so if it’s on ok we don’t mess with the other aspects.[/box]