Author: Sir Wolf

Sir Wolf is The Production Producer for Great Lakes Leather Alliance, regular contributor for Barking News Magazine as well as a editor for the internationally-known website Also, Sir Wolf runs the Chicago chapter of Team Friendly a grassroots movement to reduce stigma of HIV. He's been into kink since as long as he can remember, but entered into pup play back in 2012 when his then-boyfriend asked him if he wanted a human pup. Jumping at the opportunity, Sir Wolf has been handling and training pups ever since. Sir Wolf has had the honor of being runner up for handler of the year in 2017 and nominated 2 years in a row. Currently, Sir Wolf is the Handler of The Wolf Pack while remaining deeply involved in his greater local kink community. This year he is the Show Production Producer for Great Lakes Leather Alliance. He is a full member of the Chicago Puppy Patrol as well as The Titans of the Midwest. Sir Wolf has a passion for teaching. As an educator, he has taught at CLAW, GLLA, Midwest Puppy, as well as at Kink U, a series of weekend classes put on and sponsored by The Titans of the Midwest. Sir Wolf continues to involve himself in the regional community and hopes his work both at home and in the surrounding area will help educate more people as to how to do kink safely. He also encourages more kinksters to learn more about the pup/Handler community.
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Jumping Into Dynamics

By Sir Wolf

Written By: Handler Blaise “…I highly recommend that you take the time to get to know the other person you…

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Texting Phrases

By Sir Wolf

Something I get asked often is how can I communicate with my Handler/puppy while texting. While the possibilities are endless,…

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Handler Aftercare

By Sir Wolf

I recently did a play session, and it became very intense for both myself and the pup. After play was done I…