The Social Contract of the Puppy-Trainer Community

February 9, 2017
- Written By
Sir Wolf
Regardless of the origins of the modern human puppy-trainer kink, there can be little debate that through assimilation and new knowledge as well as social input from new generations like the Millennials and post Millennials it has become an independent body large enough that social norms have been created and are in the process of being revised in an attempt to create a better state. In essence, the puppy-trainer community has created a social contract.
Social Contracts
Where individuals with similar interest become a large enough body that social norms are created by the very nature of multiples interacting, a social contract is created. Others that enter the group with moral intentions are either eager to participate and conform to the social norms, are willing to conform to these norms in order to achieve some personal gain, or see the good in the body and will attempt to adjust the social norms to a perceived better state. In doing so, these individuals are participating in the interrelationship between the group and the individual and thus are assimilated into the pre-formed social contract. As individuals enter and leave this social contract is ever shifting with the creation of new dynamics and new knowledge. The social contract captures a consensus of individuals in the group, sometimes built on explicit consent, sometimes on tactical consent, and sometimes it operates as a hypothetical account of what individuals subjecting themselves to the contract ought to consent to if they are reasoning and moral.
When a social contract emerges, governing the norms of the contract in an effort to maintain the social essence that the contract was created for to begin with is inevitable or the contract fails and the body ceases to exist or is recreated under new norms and a new contract. In establishing systems to govern these norms, individuals give up some of their personal freedoms in conforming. Each individual within the body agrees to follow these norms on condition that everyone else does the same. That way, all are relatively safe with each other and all benefit from the other social goods that result from the group dynamic.
At its most basic levels, individuals in social contracts are willing to sacrifice some independence so long as the sacrifice is not too great and they gain some reward from said sacrifice. Human nature dictates the reward most easily agreed upon is that of self-preservation in the form of safety and established norms to ensure that all that fall within the social contract are able to rely on one another to keep their agreements.
The new body politick the puppy trainer community
“We’ve created a new nation, rawer, cruder, and less refined, but no less single-minded in its belief that we are an independent nation.” Benjamin Franklin, Philadelphia 1776.
Unlike the social contracts created by other kinks (Leather, Rubber, Master/Slave, AB/DL,) the normalization of puppies and trainers into a community as a phenomena is a relatively recent occurrence. As such, the foundational principals that govern the norms within that social contract are currently being tested and clarified. This is particularly true where local and regional social contracts integrate with and come into conflict with social contracts of the larger puppy-trainer community.
The relatively recent creation of the puppy bill of rights, Mosh rules, Guidelines for handlers and trainers, and rules governing puppy-trainer contests and their hierarchies are all current examples that are defining the nature of this social contract. Though outside kinks and fetishes will continue to have a profound impact on the puppy-trainer world, in order to maintain the integrity of its social contract, the puppy-trainer kink must continue down its path of growth and development as an independent body with its own norms, ideas and limits.
Our community exists in an exciting time. The freedoms offered by the norms and social contract that is the carefree human puppy-trainer kink are in congruent alignment with the social expectations of the two most recent generations that have come of age. This along with changes in health care, a world and larger society in a heightened state of unrest causing the need for more people to seek an avenue of pleasurable escape and the proliferation of social media are but some of the reasons that have led to an enormous influx individuals into the kink co
cmmunities through the puppy-trainer world.
The leaders of other kinks and fetishes will hopefully be farsighted enough to see this influx as a positive for all kinks and continue to support and encourage the growth of the puppy-trainer community. Many entering the Puppy-Trainer social contract see the community as a gateway into the kink and fetish world. Some will stay with the puppy-trainer kink forever some will branch out and try new things and become members of other fetishes as well.
We in the puppy-trainer community have a moral obligation by the very nature of our social contract to keep our members safe physically and mentally as well as to grow the kink in positive ways as the norms of the community expand and change. In doing so, the puppy-trainer community has an obligation not only to itself but to the larger kink and fetish community. The kink and fetish communities have been given an opportunity at rebirth. We exist in a much different social time than when other kinks and fetishes came into their own. As with the creation of America, the old world didn’t cease to exist when the United States established itself, we all learned to coexist. Our communities need to do the same.

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