The Launch of South Virginia Pups and Handlers

The Launch of South Virginia Pups and Handlers

January 18, 2019 Off By Pupramsey

Most every state with a major lgbt, kink, or alt lifestyle community has a PAH. Everyone except for the state of virginia that all ends this year. Its official the launch of the SVA-PAH has happened.

We are very proud to announce that the state of virginia has joined the community of states with an organized PAH group. The SVA-PAH typically will be doing their events every 1st saturday if the month at MJs Tavern in norfolk virginia. We have already hosted 2 moshes and have our next one schedrule for feburary 1st call Puppy Love Night. We are excited to partner with already established local organizations to foster and create  a safe play space for our pups and in doing so also create a stronger more united communy.

If youd like to keep up with the lastest that the SVA-PAH is doing i would recommend that for now you follow me Pup Ramsey on social media as i am the treasurer and advertising graphic designer. So i always post the lastest news on our events at least for now until we create a svapah facebook page.


I hope this post reaches you pups out there in the DMV area who thought you were alone and i hope to see you out at our next mosh!


Much love


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