Timeline of Pup Play Milestones 2000 – 2009

Timeline of Pup Play Milestones 2000 – 2009

February 17, 2018 Off By Tycho Aurora

This is a timeline of significant events and milestones amongst Competitions, social groups and community support that have helped around the global puppy community amongst the 20th Century. This isn’t a complete list and we would love to expand on it. If you have anything to add to it, please email us at nerdy.doggo@gmail.com


  • Another major community resource website was founded at leatherdog.com on 30th May by Michael Daniels (was live until 2005).

    Mr S Leather 2001 Catalogue


  • Mr S Leather Started selling their first ever pup hood
  • First International Puppy Competition hosted in Houston, USA and was won by Pup Ray (aka northpup) with the Oldest known dog pride flag was publicly unveiled at this inaugural IPC event in Houston, TX
  • 2001 Dog Pride Flag

    Oldest Pup Pride Flag announced


  • Inaugural Great Lakes Puppy Contest. Nov 15 2002 @ The Cellblock, Chicago, IL. Judges: Sir Michael, Kevin Klosterman (MAsT) Kendra McClain (INDIANA OLYMPUS LEATHER 2002) Boy Phil (IL LEATHERBOY 2002)  Boy David (GREAT LAKES DRUMMERBOY 2001) Jon Rybka (MR MARYLAND LEATHER 2002) Pup Tim (INTERNATIONAL PUPPY 2002) Tallymasters  Jamie McKim (INDIANA MR DRUMMER 2001) Cameron Harding
  • First Documentary Released about Human Pup Play (Called “PUP”) showcasing the journey of International Puppy 2002 Tim Hamilton


  • Launch of pup community forum site pupzone.com


  • Inaugural Annual Pup Mosh at MAL Event