Lessons Learnt

Lessons Learnt

May 11, 2017 Off By Community Articles

What lessons have you learned since you have been in the puppy community?

[box]JM: The biggest one is that there is a lot of love but a lot of shade too. Stick to the love and you’ll be aight[/box]

[box]TG: You’re not alone.[/box]

[box]MB: That we are not all the same, that we have different ways of doing things and that’s perfectly okay.[/box]

[box]KL: That most “pups” are shady as hell 😀[/box]

[box]KA: To be confident in myself that I know what I am doing and to ask for help when needed[/box]

[box]BS: Good kneepads are worth every penny[/box]

[box]LS: That there is no right or wrong way to be a pup[/box]

[box]TO: That there is always more to learn about puppy.[/box]

[box]TC: There are as many styles to pup play as there is breeds of bio-pups out there[/box]

[box]MS: That title holders come and go, and a little patience goes a long way in solving most problems.[/box]

[box]DS: A pup is a pup because of who they are – not due to any hood/harness/collar… Nor due to how they like to pup out, their shape, size, race, gender identity…[/box]

[box]TH: To embrace joy and not hold onto hardship. And to not bite, if a bark will do just as well.[/box]

[box]RM: When I first got into pup play, I went in with a vary black and white view of it. I’ve learned since that there many shades of grey along with all the colors of the rainbow in pup play.[/box]

[box]LB:In the middle of a mosh, the actions (+/-) of one can easily affect others. Be welcoming to strays, then be open and willing to watch over them in the mosh.[/box]

[box]BC: Never pisss on an electric fence. Also you don’t have to be like everyone else. You can be you and still be a pup. Gear or no gear.[/box]

[box]JM: That there are other people out there when you need support, even when you’re isolated at home :)[/box]

[box]SS: That I’m not ready for the emotions that come from being so alone even tho you have people around you.[/box]

[box]BU: Don’t rush things. Don’t rush to have a handler, don’t rush to have a pup, don’t rush to get collared. Don’t rush your pup journey, take your sweet time and try to enjoy every moment.[/box]

[box]MS: No two pups or handlers are the same; but no the less they are pups and handlers[/box]

[box]MM: I’ve learned a lot but I think that the most important one for me is to not be so trusting. Although I really hate that lesson.[/box]

[box]KS: I learned that puppies ruin all the things, and I learned that I’m protective in nature.[/box]

[box]TO: But Sir, the squeaky had to die, it squeaked![/box]

[box]GP: Do not put everything in your mouth that was rolling around a dungeon floor no matter how good of a doggie you are.[/box]

[box]BR: No matter how grumpy or frustrated or withdrawn I get, five minutes around pups will get me smiling and all becomes right with the world.[/box]

[box]BG: That body shaming is a thing even in the fetish community but it also has some of the kindest people[/box]