Poor Vision Pups

Poor Vision Pups

May 10, 2017 Off By Community Articles

How does everyone here feel about pups with bad vision in or near moshing areas or other pups in general?  Is there a safe way for a pup to indicate that they are having an issue with a sight or sound based problem (hearing aid died, lost a contact or glasses broke while at an event, etc?) and still enjoy their time as a pup?

[box]RH: Use your paw and point to problem area[/box]

[box]EC: That’s a good idea.[/box]

[box]JL: I’d say to talk to whoever is running the mosh and find a Handler there who is willing to be your eyes[/box]

[box]DG: If something breaks or stops working, you should immediately excuse yourself from the moshing area to fix the problem so it doesn’t worsen. If it something your comfortable removing before the mosh, I would do so, but let a Handler or another pup know that you have so they can keep a closer eye on you to help out incase of any emergencies. As a blind Pup myself, Trust .[/box]

[box]DG: Its no problem puppy, Glad i could help you.[/box]

[box]PR: Def talk to who is running it. I have had a few pups that couldn’t see and Handlers were more than willing to help out[/box]

[box]EC: Thank you, PR. I’ll check around who is locally available and have my friend do the same when he starts to mosh in his area.[/box]

[box]KY: As others have mentioned. One of the job as handler is to help handling the situation for the puppy. So if something is not right or you need assistance with, let the handler know beforehand so they can be on the look out for your well being and your welfare, to ensure full safety for you and everyone around.[/box]

[box]BS: I’m the same way, blind as a bat without my glasses. And honestly that is part of what I like about pupping, is the trust I put into my handler to lead and guide me as a result. 🙂 my vision being a blur of vague colours I find to be an aspect of pupping that strengthens our bond. I had this same feeling in the past when it would rain I’d take off my glasses and let my gf lead me by my hands this was before I knew of pupping[/box]

[box]BS: It also forced me to rely on sound and smell a bit more.[/box]