So you want a puppy of your own?

So you want a puppy of your own?

May 9, 2017 Off By Community Articles

So you want a puppy of your own? What would someone with no experience need to know before they made the commitment?

[box]GM: Depends. I look more for a personality connection and an eagerness to learn. Experience comes with time and exposure. Every relationship has things that need to be learned. Often people with no experience actually learn easier than those with a lot of previous experience. Experience often makes people blind to new or different ideas[/box]

[box]TM: Oh gods, go slow, be friendly, don’t go straight for a collar, talk A LOT, be friends, set easy expectations (save the complex things for later), understand that pup may not really “be their thing” after all, talk to people with experience, remember that things can and do change, and lastly be kind.[/box]

[box]SH: Talk. Why so many handlers and tops in general seem adverse to it? No matter how hot they are if they not willing to discuss limits and what each other want out of it then it’s a no go.[/box]

[box]TM: Because by talking that means that you may hear things that you don’t want to hear, that means that you may hear the limits that you don’t want to know about, that means that you may hear things about the other person that scare you. So yes a lot of doms don’t like to talk because they want to be in control and talking removes that control from them and turns the control over to the group as opposed to the individual. Talking also introduces feelings and emotions and humanization to the ideas.[/box]

[box]SM: My guy had no experience before me. I am very new to being a pup[/box]

[box]DB: Go slow. Learn who your pup is, as a person and a pup, and what they need to pup out happily – every pup is different. Don’t forget human pups can’t do everything bio pups can![/box]

[box]JS: Sanity, cookies, and comfy pillows :)[/box]

[box]BG: every pup is different[/box]

[box]JCD: Excuse me 🙂 Could you please explain that a little more for me? How is every pup different?

[box]BS: …really? Your such a prominent figure in the community and u need to ask?

[box]GS: Just like different breeds need different care, so do different human pups. Every human pup has unique desires and needs. How I interact and play with one pup is likely to be very different across pups. A handler must learn the individual to properly handle the pup

[box]BG: just as every person is different. some are more shy, some don’t like pain, some like being yelled at while others don’t. some it’s sexual and some not

[box]JCD: So its a person thing? Human shyness and anxiety, sadism and masochism scale of desire, degradation or not, sexual play during pup experience or not?
If thats the case, then the “old guard” leatherman should surely have understood that 🙁

[box]GS: Old guard leather generally doesn’t care for pups specifically because of its lack of defined rules. They simply have a preconceived notion of what D/S is supposed to look like.[/box]

[box]DR: I don’t feel like it’s just solely a person thing. You look at bio-pups and they all have different personalities to them from different breeds to just each pup in the same breed. We all have different things we identify with and it’s to the pup and his handler to learn those things. My Boyfriend ,and soon to be handler, is taking his time to learn those little things that I don’t even know about myself when I’m in pup space. Next time you go to a pup event. Look at the mosh pit or how the pups are interacting with each other. You’ll see the difference when you watch them. *nuzzles and wags.[/box]

[box]AK: I think they need a dictionary where commitment is clearly labeled. I think sometimes we forget what it means to have a pup/handler[/box]