When and where did you first pup out?

When and where did you first pup out?

May 8, 2017 Off By Community Articles

When and where did you first pup out? What’s your story?

[box]KL: San Francisco gay pride[/box]

[box]JM: Chicago MIR[/box]

[box]GM: At a VAN-PAH mosh in Vancouver. Observed a few times before I got onto the mat, then I never wanted to leave.[/box]

[box]BB: Hmmm…. First time pupping out was in my room just practicing body language and barks. First public pup out was at a pup night at NYC Eagle where i never thought I would have the courage to be a pup in front of onlookers. And my first time really being put into head-space was probably that first scritch behind my neck.[/box]

[box]DP: Florida puppy contest[/box]

[box]JA: I haven’t yet, I wanna get a proper hood before I do. Not some cheap thing.[/box]

[box]JA: I does pup out in my uber cheap one though[/box]

[box]MD: BLF over easter weekend in Berlin. Liberating doesn’t even come close to how it felt[/box]

[box]AD: My room when I lived alone. Woke up several times in just my collar on a blanket in my living room wth my toys around me and barley made it to work[/box]

[box]EK: My first real mosh was at TriState with ASH! and Zigzag and others. I think I might have been in gear before that, but that was the first time I remember being fully in headspace.[/box]

[box]SC: North Star Kennel Club mosh![/box]

[box]NN: Thanks for taking me to that one 😉[/box]

[box]DB: I actually pupped out for the first time about a year ago with my alpha Nano Bitez and Arlo[/box]

[box]JO: Last month at Cell Block Chicago[/box]