When and where did you first pup out?

May 8, 2017
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When and where did you first pup out? What's your story?

[box]KL: San Francisco gay pride[/box] [box]JM: Chicago MIR[/box] [box]GM: At a VAN-PAH mosh in Vancouver. Observed a few times before I got onto the mat, then I never wanted to leave.[/box] [box]BB: Hmmm.... First time pupping out was in my room just practicing body language and barks. First public pup out was at a pup night at NYC Eagle where i never thought I would have the courage to be a pup in front of onlookers. And my first time really being put into head-space was probably that first scritch behind my neck.[/box] [box]DP: Florida puppy contest[/box] [box]JA: I haven't yet, I wanna get a proper hood before I do. Not some cheap thing.[/box] [box]JA: I does pup out in my uber cheap one though[/box] [box]MD: BLF over easter weekend in Berlin. Liberating doesn't even come close to how it felt[/box] [box]AD: My room when I lived alone. Woke up several times in just my collar on a blanket in my living room wth my toys around me and barley made it to work[/box] [box]EK: My first real mosh was at TriState with ASH! and Zigzag and others. I think I might have been in gear before that, but that was the first time I remember being fully in headspace.[/box] [box]SC: North Star Kennel Club mosh![/box] [box]NN: Thanks for taking me to that one 😉[/box] [box]DB: I actually pupped out for the first time about a year ago with my alpha Nano Bitez and Arlo[/box] [box]JO: Last month at Cell Block Chicago[/box]

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  1. Agree about headspace. I think it's the one thing non-pups find it very hard to understand. You just stop being huma, in a hypnotic way everything changes inside you. It's the scratches that did it for me.

    On several occasions now, it's been hard to get back to talking when ending a session. But I'm sure every pup will agree - when you're there, it's a kind of joy and bliss

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