Wolf Packs in Pup Community

Wolf Packs in Pup Community

May 7, 2017 Off By Community Articles

Meeting a human wolf tonight to talk about dynamics of wolf packs and how a puppy might fit into the picture amongst them. Very exciting but I know nothing about social things I should be aware of.
I know it’ll all be general, but do any of you have experience with wolves? Care to provide any tips or things I should be mindful of? Thanks guys!

[box]MS: Pack mentality and a lot of pup stuff comes from wolves. Though wolves are really just untamed dogs anyway. More hunting for prey, order in the pack, and less playing fetch with a hooman. Wolves, dogs, and pups are all very similar but are each interested in different things and have different styles.[/box]

[box]FT: Do they wear similar gear?[/box]

[box]MS: The wolves I have met aren’t interested in gear and playing dress up. They focus on the mindset and attitude, and they play rough. It’s one of the things I like about my wolf friends is they’re not distracted by the physical but instead focus on the mental aspects.[/box]

[box]TP Well, have anything to add then? ;)[/box]

[box]GK: Find your place, then keep it.

Wolves are very hierarchy oriented and want to establish dominance and power over others when possible….See more[/box]

[box]TP: Hmmm should be an interesting chat then! So far this guy has been very respectful of my likes and little nervousness[/box]

[box]GK: Relax and let your headspace do the work. Dont over think it[/box]

[box]TP: Well it’s just coffee so nothing crazy yet 😉 I just wanna be prepared with social niceties so I don’t do anything/say anything offensive[/box]

[box]GK: The Alpha will size you up, but wont push in public. Betas will probably try to trip you up or start an argument. Omegas will be helpful but wont talk or share much.

As far as social niceties, the Alpha probably will do most of the talking, standard protocols when speaking with a Sir are pretty close. If speaking with a Beta, remember they may view you as competition. Be respectful, but firm and resolute[/box]

[box]ZK: I’ll actually be entering a situation the opposite. A wolf pup among other pups. Woild love to see the differences in the two[/box]

[box]TP: That would be interesting to contrast![/box]

[box]ZK: I agree! Still just beginning my pup journey, but I definitely cant wait to finally meet other pups.[/box]

[box]KF: I’d be interested in hearing about the the dynamics about this as well. I actually read a book on wolves and the hierarchy was interesting too. Especially on Omegas[/box]

[box]MP: What’s the dynamics like care to share here or through message rather not blow up people’s need feeds[/box]

[box]TP: It went really well! I suppose I did feel a little bit of being “sized up” but not as a piece of meat or something to be conquered. [/box]

[box]ZK: This has certainly helped me look at myself and see the wolf in me. I would agree with how the dynamic flows with the needs of the pack. This is an excellent read and i hope to hear more about your experiences.[/box]