Has anyone been playing with fur tails?

ST: . I've only seen fur tails like that on straight male pups and female pups. Looks hot though.
KD: I wanna big floof like Barf from SpaceBalls
CS: Such an adorable pup. Woof! 😍. I own a furry tail as well!
KK: And I have a fluffy one too x3
JA: I have a red fur tail plug. It just to small
BS: Floor fur is always better than river imgo
MB: White rabbit
IF: I have a fluffy one, but I'm looking for a big fluffy one
ET: I wear furry tail too pup
TO: Furry clip on, and love it!
PA: This one is synthetic from Amazon. I have a few real tails with ball and chain clasps that I attach to pacifier plugs
LM: I love their look, but they don't wag as well.
TC: This puppy loves his fur tail 🙂
TW: With those big piercing blue eyes, I couldn't give two fucks what tail you were wearing. I wouldn't be focusing in on it!! lol
FR: Oh yush, i still need to get one 😀
MO: I want to get one
MA: If so it is both I wear a worlds most comfortable butt plug and it then is a plug but can at anytime be a clip on
BW: ooooooh looks so nice! aroooooo!!! i want a fluff showtail.... wish to have a curved husky one someday
AP: I dont have a hood or go places, but i do make fur tails with my gf