Multiple Hoods

Multiple Hoods

May 3, 2017 Off By Community Articles

Do a lot of pups own multiple hoods? How do you feel about pups who do? Are there any rules or reason why you do or don’t?

[box] DS: I have several hoods that I use in different settings – I have a full leather one matched to my “puppy leathers”. I have a neoprene matched to other neoprene. I have two partial, neither of which are right for me and I will donate to a worthy charity auction. And I have to buy a new one to match a new outfit…[/box]

[box] JL: there are no rules to being a Pup. i have seen several Pups have a leather hood for most activities and a neoprene one for anything involving water. you could also have different hoods for different moods or some identify as more than one breed so has a hood for each one.[/box]

[box] DM: I beg to differ. There is a wrong way to be a pup. If you moo, you’re doing it wrong.[/box]

[box] JG: I don’t even own one yet. There are a couple of reasons for this. I wear glasses and finding a hood that works with glasses can be difficult. Secondly, I just can’t justify the expense at this point.[/box]

[box] JM I don’t have a hood for a couple reasons and one is the price. Another is that I’m super anxious about having something covering my face and am not sure how I’d feel about it[/box]

[box] DS: Remember a pup is a pup whether or not they have a hood or other gear. It is fun having gear, but it is a luxury. Save up and get one if and when the time is right.[/box]

[box] NH: There are glasses-wearers who wear them under Wruff Stuff hoods fine[/box]

[box] MK: Mr. S Leather[/box]

[box] TB I have 2 right now and another on the way. My first one and the one coming soon are leather and the new one is customized to me. My other one is the one in my profile pic that is my daily hood. It is the one i wear a lot of places as it is neoprene and easily washable.[/box]

[box] DRS: I’m the same TB, I take my neoprene lots of places because it is so easy to clean.[/box]

[box] MH: I do not wear a hood. It’s just not for me. You don’t need a hood to be a pup! But a hood is good if it works for you. 🙂 The best part about being a pup and in this community is there are no “rules” about what you can and can’t wear when you’re a pup! There are guidelines sure, there are also some rules when you go out to a bar “dress code” but other than that, just have fun. That’s what it’s all about.[/box]

[box] CL: I don’t own any… I identify as shih tzu and the ones I have seen just aren’t what I’m looking for, especially since I’m very small, too big and bulky looking lol[/box]

[box] MK: Puppy makes the gear, the gear don’t make the puppy[/box]

[box] SJ: my second hood just got finished up! I don’t doubt I might get a third xD I really love designing them and seeing them brought to life. My fav will always be my demmy hood, it is an amazing piece, but leather + Water = sad pup so I had to get something I could take swimming XD[/box]

[box] TR: I have found that open style hoods work better with glasses. I only have 1 hood right now and I can’t wear my glasses with it, but it was too cute not to have. I do need to buy a more practical hood though.[/box]

[box] MM: I make some of my own hoods plus I have had a couple made for me and I bought some. I think it’s fun to be able to change hoods along with my pup identity.[/box]

[box] JM: I haz 2 One was bought for me by someone very very very kind and generous[/box]

[box] MM: In the past I’ve bought some hoods for needy pups but unfortunately the green stuff is very scarce so I can’t afford to do that anymore.[/box]

[box] ZP: want one, but i cant breathe thru one nostril, and i think i’d get claustrophobic! I know i will find the righ tone eventually………or make one! Soon as i can fiugre out HOW[/box]

[box] GZ: I own several and each with a sorta persona. All puppers all good boys[/box]

[box] DS: I like all puppies, hood or not. But me personally I have for common hoods I use. The first one which is my latex hood and most expensive. Then I also have my custom Mr. S leather hood, my near preen hood, and my open leather hood. Each one I wear under certain circumstances or for certain moods. Although I find typically I’ll wear my near preen if it’s more play or my leather if it’s more out at a bar or for a mosh[/box]

[box] JW: As a trainer I have a thing about hoods and mirrors. I would prefer a pup only use one particular hood while live in front of mirrors. Or a live cam monitor.[/box]

[box] DS Curious pup here. Would you please elaborate on why?[/box]

[box] JW: I think it comes from my behavior modification and hypnosis studies in deepening headspace. For those pups into that sort of thing.[/box]

[box] JM: As you can see by the answers, it varies widely. There isn’t a specific rule against it. Some pups have multiple hoods just because they’ve bought several. Some have them for different outfits or gear. Some don’t have a hood at all. It’s all about what you wanna do[/box]

[box] KA: I’ve got two hoods for practicality. I’ve got a sturdy leather hood for moshes and events and I’ve got a neoprene hood for comfort and the ability to play in water.[/box]