What Your Handler Style?

What Your Handler Style?

May 5, 2017 Off By Community Articles

For all the handlers here, what’s your style? I’m definitely what you consider a nurturer, not a disciplinarian. I’m about nurturing and growing, even if my pup is a cheeky one.

[box] JV: I’m right there with you [/box]

[box] BR: Looks like we’re all on the same page! [/box]

[box] DM: I don’t identify as a handler, but I do take on that role every so often. I am very authoritative when that happens :p. I’m not a tyrant by any means, but I AM strict and I expect certain manners from pups like I would of any bio-dog. If I did have my own puppy, I’d match up best with a service pup I think. [/box]

[box] RM: I still wanna know how I’m a cheeky one like….did I miss this memo? Lol [/box]

[box] PR: Loving, caring, a teacher, some silliness [/box]

[box] JB: Nurturing for me very loving affectionate caring strict if i need to but thats ones in while [/box]

[box] TG: My Handler Is: Caring, Loving, Kind, Strict From Time To Time [/box]

[box] DB: My style is loving and nurturing too. It’s rare I’ll raise my voice unless a pup is totally overexcited to the point of risking harm to themselves or others, but I do encourage relaxation and chilled play. [/box]

[box] JV: Break their spirit and rebuild them [/box]

[box] CN: Arf! I like cuddles and belly rubs 😍🐶 [/box]

[box] GS: My style changes based on the puppy i am handling. I customize my style to fit the pups desires and needs [/box]

[box] JW: As a trainer I have not had much experience dealing with others as a handler, yet I can be flexible. Still though I prefer to be a bit old school while recognizing the need for growth. [/box]