Why So Serious Photo Competition

Why So Serious Photo Competition

April 14, 2017 1 By Tycho Aurora
Why So Serious Photo Competition

Lets have some fun shall we?

Calling all pups and handlers! lets lighten the mood from all this drama and seriousness out there and show people how much fun, goofy times and light-heartedness we can have out there!

Here at pupplay.info and friends, we are holding a photo competition,
this isn’t about gear, this isn’t about popularity, this is about having fun!!

Yes, There are Prizes!!

First place prize:
$50 Mr S Leather Gift Voucher

Second place prize:
$25 Mr S Leather Gift Voucher

How To Enter

Upload one or as many photos between Now to 16th May 2017 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #puppingoutisfun

We will keep an eye throughout the competition period on social media and at the end date we will pick a collection of photos to showcase on the website and pick the winners to receive the prizes. You will be contacted on your social media profile to receive voucher codes.

Remember, this isn’t about having gear, and isn’t about popularity, its about having fun! show the community what its like to be goofy, have fun and be an awesome pup or handler!

Rules of Entry

Have fun!

Post as many photos as you want with the hashtag #puppingoutisfun

All photos must be SFW (no nudity please)

Have all photos on social media by 16th May 2017 to have a chance to win a prize.

Here’s an Example

Why so serious? #puppingoutisfun #pupplay #humanpup #humanpuppy

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