Discussing Packs

Discussing Packs

April 16, 2017 Off By Community Articles

Are you in one? Have you been in one? Don’t want to be in one? Are they good or bad and why?
Additional question – Was it sexual or non-sexual? For all members or just some?

[box] KV: Lead one. We are still working out all of our dynamics. But we are family and it works so far. I think packs are great, just like in the wild. But some pups enjoy being lone or stray, and that is okay too.[/box]

[box] SM: At this point even tho I’m a new pup, my pack is my family, or the closest I have to one. I don’t know what I’d do without them.[/box]

[box] JM: I used to be in one. I thought it was so fantastic and fulfilling. I felt like we were in a big family and we all loved each other so much. The issue is that communication is super duper important in a pack. People really need to be open, honest and up-front about everything, or its not going to work. A pack needs to make sure everyone is meeting each others needs. Otherwise, some may feel left behind and without proper communication, things may fall apart.[/box]

[box] PP:e I’ve never been in one but I’d love to. Thinking of starting one in my area but I live in a small town with few pups :([/box]

[box] LM: I’ve never been in one and i have little interest. I’m just so busy in my everyday life.[/box]

[box] RM: I was in one once. It ended pretty badly and I’ve been turned off from them since then. I’ve discussed maybe starting a pack with my owner before but we still have wounds we are licking. So idk.[/box]

[box] TH: I used to say I’d never be in or have one. Guess I’m no fortune-teller. Now that a pack has grown, it’s been good being connected like we are. We’re a family. It takes work and dedication though. If you aren’t willing to do those things that need to be done to keep all feeling included and welcome, it’s not going to end well[/box]

[box] GS: I had a beta. It was fun but we weren’t right for each other. Outside that no I’ve never had an owner or handler or an alpha,  As for my feelings toward packs, I’m indifferent.[/box]

[box] SS: It’s just me and my Alpha right now. We’d love to have a pack of more than two, but we haven’t had much luck meeting people we have a reciprocated interest in. I’m asexual, so any sexual dynamic would be geared towards him mostly, and I sometimes wonder if this makes the search more difficult for us.[/box]

[box] DW: I’ve never been in a pack, I do however have a Master and Sir, who both plan one day to add some more pup’s to our family. I’m unsure of the dynamic and honestly a little scared. I’ve never really been around other pup’s casually and whatnot so the idea of a pack kinda intimidates me on some level, mainly because I’ve been listed as Beta by half of my friends and as an Omega by others, so I’ll be near the bottom of that totem pole lol.[/box]

[box] SM: Almost anything worth doing is a little scary at first[/box]

[box] TH: Ive been in a couple packs both with sexual aspects. They can be very good.[/box]

[box] BP: Never been in one… Tried to be part of a PAH group before, but that didn’t work out very well. Loner pups for the win![/box]

[box] JL: I was without for the first four years of being a puppy and that was fine. It was also before the pup community really took off in the area I used to live in. I’ve been in a pack for about a year and a half now and I think it’s good to have people I can be open with. With the exception of my owner I’m non-sexual with members of my pack, mostly because the other pup is in a sexual/emotionally monogamous relationship but we engage in other BDSM activities. It isn’t that packs can’t or shouldn’t be sexual just that circumstances have lead to mine being firmly in the not category.[/box]

[box] MP: Never been in one not sure i would fit would like a one on one but i am to old for most other pups friends but nothing more. But love my pup group that i am in i try to help others[/box]

Original conversation held in the Facebook Puppy 101 group