Happy Birthday Pupplay.Info!

Happy Birthday Pupplay.Info!

January 26, 2017 Off By Tycho Aurora

Time sure flies fast. This day, exactly one year ago pupplay.info was founded and oh boy it has grown so much. Here’s some statistics of what we have achieved this year:

60+ Pages of Information

Over 1,100 registered users

89 Resource Articles Written

Over 130,000 words published

8 Authors regularly publishing articles

Over 25,000 unique visitors over 2016

Official pup resource website for IPC 2016

Over 700 photos donated from the community

Over 300 unique contributors from social media discussions

Enough money raised over 2016 to keep the website advertising free for 2017

Big thank you to all our contributors, authors and volunteers, its great to see the input from the greater pup community, strengthening our mission statement of creating resources made by the community, for the community; to inspire  everyone to express themselves how they want to.

Here is some major milestones coming this year to 2017

A Pup Play themed card game

Aiming to have 1 article published every day by the end of 2017

Have over 150 shirts & merchandise released for sale over the year

Running and completion of the worlds largest research project of the pup play community

Keep archiving published articles from across the world from other sources to preserve our history for future generations

Official pup resource website for the International Pup and Handler Competition 2017 and the Inaugral Australian Pup and Handler Competition 2017

Collaboration with Gaydogtraining to produce a regular series of articles written in French.

Youtube Videos highlighting and educating different elements of pup play

Release of a documentary about History of Animal Roleplay throughout human history

Produce our first workshops with the PAH’s Without Borders Program

Pups, Handlers, PAH and Pup Pack Interviews from people from all across the world

Don’t forget that we still open to applications for new authors to produce regular articles so if your interested in joining the team,
let us know and submit an article for us to begin promoting your work under your name.