What Animal Would You Be?

What Animal Would You Be?

October 28, 2016 4 By Community Articles
If you had to identify with one type of animal for animal role play (sexual or not) what animal would you be?

NB Says: Lion cub

JM Says: the beautiful mild mannered lovable Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff

KS Says: Kangaroo

LR Says: Snake. Totally misunderstood. Sweet creatures. But will strike when provoked. (I grew up with snakes my whole life )

FLI Says: Chameleon, not very noticeable til I stick out my tongue

LL Says: St Bernard

BO Says: A collie

DCSays: Wolf dog or Corgi

BH Says: Definitly Lion, cause we’re both brave, loving, curious,protective, stubborn as hell, and badass when we need to be.

CB Says: no …no….im a piranha…i am from the amazon

KH Says: Timber Wolf. But I am also a Daddy, Trainer, and Alpha.

MS Says: I am a handler not a pet. I recently encountered a squirrel atRocky Mountain Rebellion and the other pups and peeps went bananas.

CN Says: Physically I would be a giraffe because I’m 6’7″, a ginger, and goonie But personality wise I’m literally a puppy

CL Says: Red panda

LA Says: Pitbull

AB Says: Chocolate lab

AS Says: A cat. But one of the big ones. ­čśë

AC Says: Bull terrier.

FR Says: A gerbil

KM Says: Wolf. Definitely a wolf

CB Says: owl for sure

PU Says: Snake. Nice looking but will strike if provoked

SD Says: Gorilla

CD Says: Mama Bear

MD Says: Pegasus

SM Says: Real would be a spider money. Imaginary would be an alicorn

MB Says: Wolf.

RV Says: Dog

ML Says: pig

PK Says: Dog

TN Says: Fox

AL Says: Bunny!

EM Says: Cheetah

MHSays: Wolf

EN Says: Piggy.

SG Says: A cat.

RN Says: Wolf

ET Says: as common as it is a pig.

KL Says: Lion

TR Says: Hellhound

BH Says: Tiger

QL Says: Obviously an otter! Though I wouldn’t mind being a hippogriff if it also meant I could fly. Mid-air sex is something to try.

DC Says: I see myself as a Gryphin, otter, Spirit bear.

NP Says: (easy answer!!) otherwise known as “the flamboyant cuttlefish”. Both for sexy time & for general relaxation & recreation both at home & out & about.. Love it!