What Animal Would You Be?

What Animal Would You Be?

October 28, 2016 Off By Community Articles
If you had to identify with one type of animal for animal role play (sexual or not) what animal would you be?

NB Says: Lion cub

JM Says: the beautiful mild mannered lovable Cane Corso or Italian Mastiff

KS Says: Kangaroo

LR Says: Snake. Totally misunderstood. Sweet creatures. But will strike when provoked. (I grew up with snakes my whole life )

FLI Says: Chameleon, not very noticeable til I stick out my tongue

LL Says: St Bernard

BO Says: A collie

DCSays: Wolf dog or Corgi

BH Says: Definitly Lion, cause we’re both brave, loving, curious,protective, stubborn as hell, and badass when we need to be.

CB Says: no …no….im a piranha…i am from the amazon

KH Says: Timber Wolf. But I am also a Daddy, Trainer, and Alpha.

MS Says: I am a handler not a pet. I recently encountered a squirrel atRocky Mountain Rebellion and the other pups and peeps went bananas.

CN Says: Physically I would be a giraffe because I’m 6’7″, a ginger, and goonie But personality wise I’m literally a puppy

CL Says: Red panda

LA Says: Pitbull

AB Says: Chocolate lab

AS Says: A cat. But one of the big ones. ­čśë

AC Says: Bull terrier.

FR Says: A gerbil

KM Says: Wolf. Definitely a wolf

CB Says: owl for sure

PU Says: Snake. Nice looking but will strike if provoked

SD Says: Gorilla

CD Says: Mama Bear

MD Says: Pegasus

SM Says: Real would be a spider money. Imaginary would be an alicorn

MB Says: Wolf.

RV Says: Dog

ML Says: pig

PK Says: Dog

TN Says: Fox

AL Says: Bunny!

EM Says: Cheetah

MHSays: Wolf

EN Says: Piggy.

SG Says: A cat.

RN Says: Wolf

ET Says: as common as it is a pig.

KL Says: Lion

TR Says: Hellhound

BH Says: Tiger

QL Says: Obviously an otter! Though I wouldn’t mind being a hippogriff if it also meant I could fly. Mid-air sex is something to try.

DC Says: I see myself as a Gryphin, otter, Spirit bear.

NP Says: (easy answer!!) otherwise known as “the flamboyant cuttlefish”. Both for sexy time & for general relaxation & recreation both at home & out & about.. Love it!