Song: Howling puppy blues

Song: Howling puppy blues

November 6, 2016 Off By Community Articles

Hey pups, time to howl along with this new song kinda came up with on the spot. It’s a mostly improvised, blues-ish song… nothing special this time, just some swinging, happy puppy pride song filled with some random blues scales, haha. ^_^
Oh and pleaes forgive me for trying that sliiightly out of my range note in the end… *ahum*


Hey there human puppies, come gather ’round
Get on all fours here oohooon the ground,
and howl… AWROOOOOO
.. along with this sound
We are puppies
And we are proud!

We wear collars around our neck,
we perform tricks to geeheet some snacks
and we howl…. AWROOOO
.. along with this track
we are puppies
and we wag!