Getting Your Own Collar & Name

Getting Your Own Collar & Name

October 24, 2016 Off By Community Articles
So if I wanted to go and get my own collar and name tag, would that be acceptable?

BS Says: I got my first one myself

BT Says: Yes of course

JM Says: *nuzzles* yes it would

XT Says: If you are a lone wolf or alpha sure collar yourself. Betas, Omegas, Service, and Guard have to earn their collar by getting a trainer or handler to collar them. Name tags are fine, unless it has ownership on it. Locks are added when in a relationship, I wear my lock when I’m closed and not allowed to flirt. No lock when I wanna be a big ol’ humpy puppy. If I’m wearing that lock, seek my master before interacting with me. For some the lock is a sign of a relationship though but ideally you should talk the owner first if you see one.

PU Says: Yes definitely cause its your choice

MB Says: It’s your choice, there’s no right or wrong way to be a puppy.

DS Says: Absolutely! I have bought myself several collars and tags.

DV Says: PI made my first collar still love it my SIR and Daddy allow me all the freedom I want that works well for us. all the advice I’ve heard is positive messages to be who you are I personally love the feeling

JR Says: Let me told you one simple thing. What ever is your dynamics it is yours. Collaring or being collared is just a symbolism of a relationship first with your self and second with some one else. Collaring your self it mean the beginning of your commitment to the pup life style that you decided.

JC Says: People are going to define what ever is the dynamics you are willing to experience. Don’t let that bother your or affect your relationship. Something I learned from the seminars I am going through the Masters and Slave conference 2016 is that people create their own dynamics according to what they relationship need. Congratulations on your journey.

RM Says: Do it 🙂

SR Says: Collars mean different things to different pups. If you want to collar yourself and get a name tag, go for it. The main thing I would stay away from is the lock, unless you’re in a relationship.

PP Says: Yes…. It’s called being self owned :3

PS Says: Yes

BM Says: That’s how I did it…

DP Says: I went out and got my own collars and made my recent ones to still show that I am a pup, but I’m still a stray/lone, learning all I can and building relationships before I chose a sir