So what does puppy mean to you?

So what does puppy mean to you?

October 23, 2016 Off By Community Articles

So what does puppy mean to you? How has it changed your life?

S S Says: I’m new, but I’ve met so many wonderful people. Puppy to me is a whole another world compared to the everyday life. I’m wanting to learn everything I can.

P B Says: Beyond what I would have ever imagined being a pup and being gauntlet has made my world finally mean something.

A R Says: Puppy gave me my lost innocence and sense of wonder about my kink journey back – every time I feel it slipping away – and it’s a constant fight – puppy gets me back to where I want to be.

K M Says: Puppy to me is freedom from the anxieties of the adult world. It evolved out of going to parties and needing a way to meet others without expectations. I didn’t really have a mentor when I started so I just comb the Internet for help.

D M Says: Puppy means exploring and expanding my identity and getting to know myself better. It means getting to do all sorts of new kink/BDSM stuff from within a less intimidating environment. Sometimes it’s relaxation, sometimes it’s temporary escapism

M S Says: I have the usual gamut of symptoms (social anxiety, depression, anger issues, etc) and going into pupspace makes me feel happy by being able to let go

A R Says: puppy gives me a way to escape it and replace it with an entirely different and enjoyable mindset.

F R Says: It’s a good way of relaxing and having fun. I have no mentors

I M Says: To myself, being a puppy means to be able to let go of my worries and cares for a while and explore a wild side of myself. It has less than nothing to do with kink and BDSM to me and if I’m honest, being a pup has opened so many doors in my life since I first figured it out.. I have so many to thank for that.

S W Says: Puppy to me is a fun way to relax and enjoy myself, just to let go of the daily grind. It has been my best introduction to bdsm as a whole. It has helped me figure out what I want to do and where i want to go in this world. It has even led me to some really awesome people that i consider my best friends and family. I myself can be a wiggling mess and always had the happy bouncy attitude most days so its nice to be able to have puppy in that sense. It has also helped me meet my more primal side, the wolf that wants to come out and play. That’s where I really started is with wolf/primal aspects. My eyes were opened and i never looked back.
As far as mentors I really haven’t had the opportunity to have one myself, living in the middle of nowhere can kinda do that to you. But i might have 2 soon if things work out right. But i definitely look up to you papa, as well as quite a few other pups and people in the community. In the past 10’ish years i have really learned a lot from many folks.

B U Says: What does puppy mean to me? First and foremost, the feeling of freedom that headspace gives me…the loss of any care in the world. The release of the stresses of life. It gets me in touch with my instinctual, reactive, primal self.

SS Says: Never really had a mentor only recently accepted a handler in fact. Being a pup to me is about bringing the best part of you out all the time. Dogs represent loyalty strength protectiveness unconditional love and of course cuddles :p in a world full of users and liars and all sorts of other bs. I think anyone who aspires to be a pup sees that and wants the simple straightforward and honourable life of a canine. Even if we have to pretend to be humans too :p