Hood Shaming

Hood Shaming

June 1, 2016 Off By Tycho Aurora

Written on Tumblr by awkwardpuppygirl

Don’t do it. Just don’t. How petty and small are you that you feel the need to shame your fellow pups? You have absolutely no right to do such a thing.

Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of anonymous and named messages that are rude and hateful in nature. All of them are related to “hood/leather pup superiority”.

I LOVE hooded and leather pups. I find them incredibly attractive (like instantly aroused, attractive). However, I am not a hooded or leather pup myself and have been receiving a lot of shame for it.

I am no less of a pup than any other puppy player just because I choose not to wear certain items. I own a leather dog mask, but I choose not to wear it because it makes me feel unnatural and has some traumatic experiences attached to it. Don’t make me feel lower than dirt just because I’m not the kind of pup that wants accessories. Some pups wear nothing at all and there’s nothing wrong with that. I PERSONALLY feel my puppiest when I have nothing but a collar and/or harness on (mitts when my thumbs are blocking my pup mindset). That’s it. Not even leather ones either, just real, pet shop dog stuff. It makes me feel like a real dog… I don’t care about the aesthetics.

These are MY choices for MY play. It’s MY fetish and MY life. I like it, and more importantly, my Owner likes it.

We’re all pups… Why can’t we just love each other? We don’t need tail plugs, body suits or hoods/masks to be into puppy play. Yes, those things make other pups happy and THAT’S OKAY. We should be embracing what we have in common, not shaming each other for what sets us apart.

If any of you have been shamed for having or not having pup aesthetics, know that you are not alone and you are loved. Don’t let cruelty bring you down. Just grab your favorite chew toy and squeak it all away, being the best puppy you can be FOR YOURSELF.