What Makes or Gives You Joy Being a Pup?

What Makes or Gives You Joy Being a Pup?

June 2, 2016 Off By Tycho Aurora

[box] RH Says: My pup used to say being a pup is about the fun and joy of just being yourself.[/box]

[box] MR Says: For me, I’ve gotten great joy from the new people I’ve met pup, like you. I find it’s a very open and caring community and I think being a part of that is an INCREDIBLE thing[/box]

[box] DG Says: Wow I couldn’t of said it better myself I like meeting other people wagging my tail and saying hi to everyone it brings me joy feels like a pup family in a way[/box]

[box] BS Says: One of my favorite things? Is when I’m deep in headspace and I licked my Handler’s face til he chuckles uncontrollably. It doesn’t happen very often… But sometimes the mood comes over me and P’s just has to lick Lick LICK Him all over![/box]

[box] BS Says: It makes me So Happy! LOL[/box]

[box] RD Says: I love when my owner and I play or work on obedience training and she tells me I’ve done a good job or that she is proud of me. Makes my chest swell![/box]

[box] TT Says: I would have to say what gives me joy I’m being a pup number one reason is meeting new and interesting people that can do amazing things from all walks of life.[/box]

[box] JK Says: I think it’s a really fun way to relax and express myself. I also love how it makes other people smile. Even friends who aren’t super into pup play usually get a good laugh/smile from my pup videos.[/box]

[box] TO Says: I love just focusing on the moment & playing with the toy or other pups.[/box]

[box] CE Says: For me, its the attention you recieve. I’m just like that, I cant go an hour without some sort of attention[/box]

[box] MR Says: The fact that there’s a lot of personalities to meet is just the start of a big adventure![/box]

[box] JG Says: My pack’s motto is “maximize your joy”. For me, it is the friendships I’m making with like minded people, losing myself in puppyspace, developing myself, my pack and other puppies with anything I can learn, do or share.[/box]

[box] RM Says: Just simply pleasing your owner is enough.[/box]

[box] TT Says: For some this reason would be getting joy out of being a pup but you don’t need to be owned to be a pup[/box]

[box] NG Says: I enjoy it because it gives me a chance to just drop my human ailments and be happy. Even if for a short while.[/box]

[box] AR Says: My pup personality is very nonjudgmental – affectionate with everyone – protective – nurturing – curious about the unfamiliar and playful. He’s more like the person this pup wants to be and tries to be but has a hard time being all the time in his baseline human personality.[/box]

[box] PR Says: doing things, and organizing events that makes other pups smile and have fun and find their home.[/box]

[box] DM Says: Helping others, those in need, comforting others. I also love to play, and i feel free and without the chains and boundaries of my human self when i pup out. I can be a rough and tumble pup, a warrior a protector, a service dog. I can show all the things inside that people usually dont notice because of my size or whatever else. None of that matters when im in headspace[/box]

[box] BS Says: Freedom to be myself and to love, protect and help others[/box]

[box] EC Says: I’m a service Dobie, so guarding, aiding, and providing comfort. Sure, I pup the everliving hell out every now and again, and when I do I do it hard mode. But for the most part I’m the dog sitting diligently by someone’s side, keeping an eye out, providing snuggles and hugs, help with their disabilities, or whatever I can do to provide them comfort and access.[/box]

[box] VA Says: Simply hearing the words “good pup” get my tail wagging[/box]

[box] BM Says: I’m with V on this one. It’s the easiest way to get me wagging. Being a service pup is something I adore. One thing in particular is the different interpretations of what a service pup is and can be.[/box]