I’m a straight male pup. Who wants to experiment in leather. Is that really so odd?

I’m a straight male pup. Who wants to experiment in leather. Is that really so odd?

May 31, 2016 Off By Tycho Aurora

[box] CB Says: Is what odd? That you are straight and want to be a pup? That you are attracted to leather? Neither are hetero nor homo-normative.[/box]

[box]FR Says: i like how you’re on all the topics i click saying that i think but in less blunt manner[/box]

[box]ZD Says: No its not odd.[/box]

[box]AR Says: Not at all, Lots of straight people like pet play and leather[/box]

[box]DZ Says: Also….handler/pup dynamic need not be sexual in overtones[/box]

[box]JJ Says:. That’s not odd at all, leather gear is for everyone who enjoys it[/box]

[box]SE Says: My female handler is my gf of seven years…[/box]

[box]MB Says: Explore dude. Perhaps you can find a male trainer who will respect any boundaries placed. Pup play is so fulfilling dude.[/box]

[box]JB Says: No[/box]

[box]JL Says: I am a leather pup so no quite normal[/box]

[box]GA Says: not at all pup it’s great to be able to explore and find stuff you enjoy.[/box]

[box]MP Says: No its not[/box]

[box]TG Says: No. Not at all. Sexuality is a fluid construct, even for those who exclusively identify as strongly heterosexual.[/box]

[box]VA Says: Not odd at all[/box]

[box]MA Says: Welcome to the pup fold and Yes Leather is part of it if you choose it. I am a pup Alpha, Boy Alpha, Beginning my journey as a Daddy and have a lot to learn, I am a bear some say a daddy bear and I have a few boys and pups. Remember Leather is not just one thing.[/box]

[box]ES Says: Believe it or not, leather and pup seem to be a less and less common thing. I identify as a leather furry pup though.[/box]

[box]EB Says: *chuckles* this is true. I also don’t see much in the way of exclusive heterosexual leather culture. If anything the heterosexual culture is surviving thanks to the gay scene. It’s just that puppy has shifted way far from leather[/box]

[box]VA Says: I agree. Puppy came from leather but has taken on a unique perspective of its own. It’s still largely influenced by leather but not to the same extent. I don’t see many pups in leather outside of harnesses or hoods, but that’s probably do to the restrictiveness of the material and the price point. You can’t most in leather pants or uniform shirts.[/box]

[box]AM Says: the contest circuit culminating in IML has morphed into something very different from what I’d consider traditional Leather. I’m not alone thinking this is now a kink of its own kind and almost a separate community at this point.[/box]

[box]TH Says: Nope. Not odd at all[/box]

[box]DC Says: there is nothing odd about any of that BUT, if you restrict your Options on finding a Handler by Gender that is gonna be a bit hard though. There are Female Handlers out there… without a doubt lol. but it’s like finding a Needle in a Hay Stack.[/box]

[box]JS Says: Why do you have to have a female handler pup play can be non sexual if the handler and pup agree[/box]

[box]WK Says: Not odd in the slightest. There is such a wide range of people into pet play I’m sure with a little sniffing around you’ll find the right people. The bulk of us are happy to meet fellow pups regardless of orientation.[/box]

[box]JW Says: I am a straight female handler who has had a straight male pups in the past[/box]

[box]AT Says: Puppy play does not discriminate. Pups can be any gender, any orientation, any size, etc…[/box]