Pup Play 101

Pup Play 101

April 10, 2016 0 By Tycho Aurora

Pup Play 101: A Beginners Guide

Pup Play 101

What Is Pup Play?

Puppy play is when one person takes on the role of a pup or dog and another takes that of the handler or trainer. The pup acts like their canine counterpart and the trainer, for the most part, handles the pup like he would a biological pup. It’s not necessarily a sexual play, though it can be. For many it serves as a release of the animal part of them. It is not is bestiality: real animals are not involved. Why? Because it’s fun! More to the point it gives the pup an opportunity to shed off their human personality and take on the simple, carefree existence of a pup.

How Do I Know I Like Pup Play?

IMG_20160117_143124If you are at this website you may be a little curious already about Pup Play. Not too long ago I ran a social experiments on my friends and got some surprising results. Not too long ago I was in public at a gay pride event in my pup gear, supporting the local social pup group. A group of my friends came to visit me and see me in my full pup regalia. I had a leash attached to my collar but I had no one to hold it so I was holding it. I had to use both hands to write something down and I asked one of my friends that enjoy seeing pup play to hold it, I noticed him grinning from ear to ear, I asked him after returning the leash afterwards why he was smiling so much holding it, the response I got was “I dunno, I didn’t realise I was smiling”.

Was less than a minute later I tried it again but with another friend who enjoys it and they also smiled without realising they did. I told them what happened and why I think this subconscious grin was a way of them showing that they like it in some form. To see if it wasn’t a double fluke, I told them I will pass it to one of my friends who we all know doesn’t enjoy pup play, and I bet he wont smile. Sure enough, he didn’t smile at all, with the look of doing a chore on his face.

So, picture it now, do you think you may smile holding a leash around a human pups neck, feeling in control of someone’s power like that or do you wish someone had a leash on you to lead you around, to be proud of having you as their pup? If you think you may, there may be a glimmer of Pup play in you in some form or another.

906061_494284734083127_319858182332544567_oWhat’s the Criteria of Being a Puppy or Handler:

There is none!!! The beauty of the puppy community is that there is no right or wrong way nor do you have to fit a particular mould. As the puppy play community grows, so does the ways we do puppy play. Everyone has something particular and unique they take or get from being involved and as a puppy or Handler. What is it for you?

This also implies to the puppy and Handler themselves. You don’t have to be a certain sex, sexual orientation, weight, race or own a criteria of gear. Handlers and puppies come in all shape and sizes, from all over the world. What’s important is what’s in your heart, what you take from puppy play and have fun.

Always Remember, Its Your Fetish

FB_IMG_1451345031129The beauty of pet play lies both in the customization as well as personalization of the experience. There is no how-to guide or manual besides the unrestricted imagination of the puppy, as it should be. The input of the Master facilitates this imaginative setting and allows for the puppy to express the underlying primitive nature of him/herself that only further rewards the Master with unconditional love and stability. In exchange for the foundation the Master provides, the puppy relinquishes an agreed upon amount of control and freedom in order to foster this relationship and environment. Besides these basic premises to puppy play, there is no constraints or limitations that should ever exist. Can a puppy wear a diaper? Should there be a sexual relationship between Master and puppy? Does a puppy have to be limited in clothing to experience a full “mindset” experience? Do I need a Master to be a puppy?

No limitation can ever be put on your fetish and imagination. Your comfort is a gauge of both your expectations as well as an internal subconscious signal about how you can best create a pleasing mindset for yourself. By putting limits on a fetish, you put restrictions on your experience and serve the design of another, which never should be the case. In a group context, the above declarations remain the same. No one can judge you, nor should they. The strong Alpha human puppy stands by any puppy that both respects himself and others as well as creates his own experience in a play environment. The Beta follows likewise. As does the Omega. Never concede the right to create your own experience. It’s your fetish, no amount of time or knowledge can erase that fact.

Many woofs and wags,

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