Periodic Community Survey

What Do We Do?

Our periodic community survey is the largest ongoing academic research endeavour in the pup play community to date.

What Are Our Goals?

  • Provide factual information to community leaders, volunteers and groups to be more informed about the hidden elements of the community that don’t get the limelight.
  • Provide information for academic institutions to pursue more in-depth academic research into sexual activity, sexuality, its impacts on the brain and more.
  • Give representation to minority groups with empirical research to combat misinformation and urban myths.
  • This information has been collected by the community, for the community. Results will always be freely available and personal details will always be kept secure.

2021 Nerdy Doggo Periodic Survey

Work will begin and details will appear here when work on the 2019 data is completed.

Draft Timeline

  • Dec ’20 – Announce the 2021 Edition Survey
  • Jan ’21 – Release 2021 Survey Edition for participants
  • Jun ’21 – Close Submissions
  • Jan ’22 – Release free eBook

2019 Nerdy Doggo Community Survey

2019 exceeded every goal we laid out. Lessons we learnt in ’17 got deployed in this edition. The success of this years edition has given us data to start building data sets for trends so people can see how the community is evolving. This version focused more on objective empirical data than exploring subjective topics that were explored in 2017. We hope to explore those topics again in future editions when we collaborate more with more academic institutions.

We plan for our free eBook version of 2019 results to come out in early 2020.

Some Stats

  • Over 3,600 Participants across a single survey. (1,900+ more than 2017)
  • 6 Months of Data Collection across the internet and in-person across all continents (except Antarctica)
  • Our free Interim Results Report was successfully designed and made for the 2019 PAH Summit at the International Pup And Handler Weekend event

2017 Nerdy Doggo Research Project (NDRP)

We were hoping for more than ~300 participants, which was the sample size of the next-largest academic research that’s available to the public. We learnt a lot from our first one and took on a lot of feedback from the community which influenced heavily on our 2019 edition. A lot of the empirical data we collected was objective but the latter surveys explored the more subjective data topics like why participants do things and how they feel.

Some Stats

  • Over 1,700 Participants across 5 surveys
  • 6 Months of Data Collection across the internet and in-person across all continents (except Antarctica)
  • Our free eBook has been downloaded over 120,000 times by late 2019
  • First ever empirical academic research highlighting the trans, straight and female sub-groups in the pup play community.

Official Results & Publications