What Kind Of Pup?

What Kind Of Pup?

February 19, 2017 Off By Pup Tim

I used to wonder why some pups did things that I did not appreciate.  Then, I began looking  the at pups through Archetypal energy.  Aside from our “breeds,” our style has basic energies.  So read on and determine what kind of pup you basically are.

What are Archetypal and Symbolic Pups? An archetype is a word that carries the qualities of what it describes. For instance, when I say the word ”baby” we think of innocence and dependence. When people see a policeman, they think of authority and (hopefully) trust. Each Archetype we possess has both light and dark sides from which we can grow and learn. An Archetype can often be found by how others describe you. At the end of the day, the work you put onto yourself is your responsibility, so be kind.

The Canine Archetype will change with different cultures, as people see the “dog” in one country differently from another.   When I think of a dog I think of these attributes: Loyal, playful, mischievous, obedient, fragile, and a few others. In this article, we will frame the term into our puppy world.

The Canine archetype encompasses a lot of breeds and the canine Archetype is simply a good place to start in ones personal quest.  The archetypal canine is a pup that sees the world through pup eyes, every day and every hour. In a profession, the canine archetype does well in people jobs and being in service to someone or something. Occupations may include being an assistant, caregiver, or nurse as these are good roles for the Archetypal pup. This sort of canine is less likely to wear gear outside of the puppy community; while more likely to be on all fours and eat from a bowl as part of his or her daily living. “Pupping out” is often a bit rough-and-tumble and you will find more Archetypal pups as biters in the mosh pit. This sort of pup uses pup energy inwardly. The Archetypal pup is always “on” and one should remember that they still interact with the world through the canine eyes and Spirit

What is the Symbolic Pup? Every community has a symbolic look, be it a flag or statue. The outward expression of the Archetypal pup is the Symbolic. The Symbolic Puppy is one that wears gear, and feels free once they have their gear in place. The symbolic pup will absolutely look the part.  To the symbolic puppy, “pupping out” is more likely to be swatting a ball back and forth, or simple being in gear as he or she walks around. These pups are the symbol for our community and the most easily spotted.  Often, the symbolic pup will change as they put their gear on; gear is a source of energy to the Symbolic pup. For an occupation, Symbolic pups may model, manager, or any job that has a uniform. The Symbolic pup may enjoy the spotlight once the hood is on, even if they are shy in their day to day “human” life.  These pups pull their energy from their surroundings.

Each dog breed can fit into either category. What qualities do you possess, and what breeds also carry these qualities?  While a “mutt” is not an Archetype, in can be used to draw upon a coupe breeds. I know a mutt who has studied his breeds and owns his Pit-bull Corgi mutt self.

If you do not fit in either of these, and do not feel you are a handler, the pup community has a place for you. There is a name for people that are not pups or handlers, and it is “Companion.” We are a kind and welcoming community, most of the time. Learn about your local community. Who are the fun dogs that resonate with you? Who are the Archetypal pups and who are the Symbolic pups?