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Hi pups and handlers! I’m PuppygirlWillow, a.k.a Jess, and Tycho has been kind enough to allow me to write to you all again! My first piece (Females In The PupPlay Community) can be found here.  I’m hoping to make this a regular thing from now on, so if you have any ideas or questions, let me know, and I can try and get back to you, or visit the idea in more depth. I don’t bite! …. Well, unless I’m asked.

This time, we’re going into gear. And specifically, finding gear for female pups.


I (and other pups) get asked quite a lot about what kind of gear female pups can find and wear, as a lot of pup play gear is targeted to- you guessed it! Males! And quite often leather and latex males. Some of this stuff is not great for us girlies or, like me, aren’t leather or latex, so I’m here to share with you some ideas for play gear that might just be able to sufficiently answer your questions.

First, let’s have a think about what gear is needed or most appropriate for puppy play. There are many articles around about it, and links included, so it’s quite easy to compile a list of the most ‘expected’ gear, and I won’t go into them in a lot of detail.

Items for safety are a must, including kneepads, some sort of hand and foot covering (I use socks) and then items for the puppy-fying aspects- your hoods, tails and harnesses and collars. Yes I know puppy-fying is not a word! It is now!


Kneepads are an essential part of puppy play. They’re not associated with any gender, and no issues finding this kind of thing that works for us ladies. There are quite a few options, and people use whatever feels comfortable, if they have them at all.

Personally, I brought gardening kneepads from a hardware shop, took the foam out of the back of the plastic coverings, and then brought knee braces to hold the foam on my legs. Other options are available, but in the end, it’s whatever feels comfortable.

Dance Kneepads

Gardening Kneepads


Like knee pads, mitts aren’t specifically male or female, and the designs are quite standard, but again, it all comes down to what feels good for you. However, the sizing of the more traditional leather mitts is a factor as (yes I’m sorry ladies) we really do, in general, have smaller hands than the guys.

There are quite a few options here. Mine are your typical leather strapped ones, fully enclosed, designed to be around a closed fist, with knuckles down. I found they were a little big for me, though, and sliding around in them is not great when you’re trying to run around on a hard floor! To make my fist big enough that my hands don’t slide, I brought a couple of rolls of that cheap bandage gauze-type wrap, and curl my hand around it. Works like a charm, and means I can really put my weight down into them with the extra support.

I have also seen- and not so much for moshing, but just hanging around, fluffy paws, like the ones linked below. They’re more like gloves or mittens, and are designed as more fashion statements than safety wear, but they work for some things. There’s always an option, you just need to think of it and look at using what you have.

MMA type gloves

Puppy Play Mitts

Wrist and Padlock Mitts

Fluffy/Paw type Mitts

Hoods (and a brief note on ears)

Now, onto the more fun stuff, and probably one of the more obvious pieces of gear. Pup hoods. What I find gets asked a lot (and was something I asked myself for a long while) is if there are more feminine designs in the mask department?

A lot of the hoods are big and bulky and very butch, with large muzzles and often, are a fully closed face mask. Unfortunately here, unless you get something custom made, there is not as much variety for the female pup. I personally have a half mask, which is more just specifically a muzzle and some ears on top of the head strap. I found it was less cloying and a little bit more slender, so to speak. Not as much in your face. Also- personally, I don’t like having my face fully enclosed.

This one particularly comes down to what feels best for you- its on your head, after all, and you know what? It’s not vital gear. If you don’t like them at all, there’s no code saying you HAVE to wear one. This goes for you guys too! 😛 Go with whatever makes you feel comfortable.

As for ears, as mentioned, mine are attached to the mask, but before that (and still sometimes when I don’t pup out with my mask), I used to just plain and simply put my hair up in some pigtails. Unflattering name for the hairstyle itself, I know, but they’re now called my ‘puppy ears’. Some of you won’t have long enough hair for that, and some just won’t like the idea of it, or find it uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, a lot of the ears that are made for pet players (or just general costumes and cosplays) are cat-like in design. You can look at again, getting something custom made, but that’s totally up to you. Somewhere like Etsy would be a good option to look, or maybe you could have more luck looking in the costume department.

My Hood (with ball gag which I don’t wear with it)

Foam style Hoods

Leather Pup Hood

Etsy Puppy Ears


Tails can be a lot of fun, and are a great way to express your puppy’s personality. Who doesn’t love having an excuse to tail wag!

There are two general tail designs- the belt/harness attached tail a.k.a show tail, and the plug type of tail. This one is DEFINITELY personal preference. Some of you might not like the feel of a plug, or just plain and simple don’t like their back end being penetrated. That’s totally fine. I would however, recommend, that if you are the type who likes the plug tail… don’t wear them out in public or at moshes. I mean, you can if you feel game, but be prepared to have a potentially embarrassing moment. Pups like wrestling!

I myself have two, my show tail and my plug tail. Personally, for me, my show tail is a helluvalot more comfy! What I did find was an issue, was the harness that came attached. Designed for a male, it had a ring at the front for holding dangly bits, and was not designed for someone with any sort of sizeable hips.

While you can get custom made harnesses (which I’ll go into in a minute), it can get quite pricey. By all means, if you like having a metal ring rubbing against sensitive parts, then sure, go for it! You can try and wear it backwards, but depending on the design, sometimes this doesn’t work, and the placement of the straps can get irritating.

I myself brought a plain black braided belt. One of those ones that’s tightly woven and doesn’t have any specific punched holes. It works beautifully, sits just above my hips, and clings where it needs to, holding the tail in place. Again (I feel like a broken record), it comes down to whatever works for you.

I recently found a site for furry tails that are custom made to order! They have various options for more wire or less wire, or even no wire, and are a pretty good price in the realm of tales (Identifying as a Golden Retriever, I NEED ONE!).

Square Peg Tails

Braided Belt

Fluffy Tails


I find harnesses to be a particular hassle for us feminine types. Breasts do not comfortably accomodate in your typical, off-the-shelf pup harness. I know of someone who even tried a biopup harness, and yeah… dogs don’t have breasts either. Well… not like ours anyway! Ladies, I’m sorry to say, but if you want a harness, you’ll probably have to get one custom, or tailored to your shape. You local leather/kink retailer or online stores can help with this.

I have been looking, and I have yet, in my almost two years of puppy play, to find a harness that is ready to buy, that would work for my shape. I find that the ones off the rack or catered to the men among us, with the rings or joints right where we usually have prominent protrusions.

There are designs for the female type, not necessarily associated with pup play, but the only ones I can find never have rings or any kind of connectable device on them, and I don’t know about you, but it seems a bit redundant if you can’t have a leash attached!

If any of you reading have found something that would work, please, let me know, and I can share it!


Apart from collars, which are so personal I don’t really want to go into them in such a passing way, that’s really all the gear I can think of. I hope it’s been a little bit of a help, and maybe have helped some of you with ideas for your own play gear. Always, safety first, and fun bits second! And… guess what I’m going to say? 😛

ALWAYS make sure you are comfortable, because if you aren’t comfortable, it’s not worth it.

NOTE: I don’t endorse any particular products/brands- the links provided are examples only.