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Pup Kona Step Aside Speech

2 ½ years… I remember when I first wagged my little tail on the mat floor, playing with the other puppies at one of the moshes. I was exhausted and happy, panting up a storm and then curling up in a cuddle pile on the edge of the matts. I fell in love with the community and I told myself I wanted to get involved as much as I could to help others experience the joys of pup play. 2 ½ years ago I prepared for Northwest Puppy and Handler Contest in Vancouver, BC and took the title that...

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Seek to Understand and Mentorship

Seek to Understand, A message that rings of a sound thought. As a pup/Handler, regardless if we are rolling around on the mats or holding a puppy by the leash, we mentally form opinions based on our own experiences. Instinctively, we begin to gather information around us and create a conclusion built on that premise. Is that a bad thing? Is that a good thing? Rather than focus if it’s bad or good, right or wrong, think about it more of an opportunity to expands one’s objective way of thinking through verbal subjective conversation with another. Imagine two Handlers hanging out along the corner of the mat floor, watching the other puppies play. Now there is one puppy that catches their eyes, who snatches a toy from one of the other Handler’s hand and proceeds to drag it to the middle of the mosh floor, only to start mutilating the toy, tearing it into a million pieces. The two Handlers watched the exact event transpire at the same time, and visually there was no difference on what they saw the puppy do to the toy. One Handler thinks the puppy was purposely being bad and trying to actively upset and get back at the Handler he took the toy from. The other Handler, at the same time, is thinking that the puppy is just being super playful and bratty,...

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The Puppy Behind the Bark – A look into the Current IPTC International Puppy 2015 Pup Kona

Pup Kona, share some basic history of you and your activity in the pup community My name is Pup Kona, an energetic puppy currently resides in Vancouver, BC. I am originally from Delaware, a small state in eastern US where I grew up in the mid-suburban forest area of the state. My journey in the puppy community began when I was residing in Orlando, FL while attending University. I am the past NW Puppy 2015 and current IPTC International Puppy 2015. I am the founder of PAHs without Borders, a community initiative who goal is to reach out to...

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