Mentoring by Action!

Mentoring by Action!

April 12, 2016 Off By Pup Kona

Mentoring can take many forms, one in which is the dynamic between two people, if be a puppy and Handler/Trainer, a puppy and puppy, or a Handler/Trainer and Handler/Trainer. One may ask what are other ways one can mentor. How can I offer my expertise, experiences, or express to others the joys that the puppy community has to offer if in person or not?

Three words “Mentoring by action”!

Mentoring by action means engaging in an individual/individuals, situation, or cause as a means of bringing everything in the surrounding area into that pleasantly fun, safe experience. As the saying goes “Thoughts do more. Words to much. Actions do much more.”

For example, it can be the simple gesture of a puppy going over to a group of people who are peering over from a distance to see what everyone is doing. The puppy could engage the group, giving a bark, cute nuzzle, begging for the ball to be thrown and belly rubs, trying to not only show them the fun, playful puppy energy, but make them smile and wanting to participate in the actions surrounding them. On that same note, this scene unfolding could create a chain reaction, making an onlooker (if be through an online video or in person) smile and indirectly be affected and moved by the intoxicating energy and scene.

Never underestimate the power of opening yourself up to others and offering them the opportunity to participate and engage in the given moment or event. Simple acts like making someone laugh, smile, get excited, etc… can have a strong, lasting impact and effect on them.

Some references/ideas of Mentoring by Action:

Article on Furries who open themselves up to the Syrian Refugees, inviting the families to take pictures have fun with the fursuiters:

Puppies and Handlers/ Trainers joining the Pride parades and engaging all the attendees, both young and old to join in on the fun! (I’ve personally done this and seen other puppies do cute things like let kids pet them and play fetch and playfully mess with the parents to make everyone laugh).

Written by PAH’s Without Borders Facebook Group